Cultivation Sharing: Bringing People the Wonderfulness of Dafa

By a Falun Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | June 29, 2008

[] A conversation with my wife today really made me think a lot.

My wife is not a practitioner, but she said she agrees that the
principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance are good.
However, she said she did not see those principles in my behavior.
Therefore, she did not want me to tell her friends that I was a Falun
Gong practitioner.

I was shocked upon hearing this. Through the years I have known her,
although she occasionally complained, overall she has not been against
my practice and truth-clarification efforts. I also assumed I had been
cultivating well, at least much better than before. That is why her
words really struck me.

Frankly speaking, we cannot use our own feelings to judge whether we
have been cultivating well or not. But feedback from other people can
sometimes provide us with hints. Of course, fundamentally speaking, we
must examine whether we have been acting according to the Fa.

Occasionally when someone did not treat me well, I pretended not to
notice. I would blame it on that person's poor personality, or make an
excuse that it was because that person did not know the truth about
Falun Gong due to the Chinese Communist Party's slanderous propaganda.
In contrast, I seldom realized that this person treated me poorly just
because I did not do well.

If by forsaking our human notions, we can consider things from other
people's perspectives, this will make a big difference in the
impressions we give people. For example, before knowing you are a Falun
Gong practitioner, will your colleagues, classmates, friends,
neighbors, or relatives be impressed or touched by your righteous
personality, integrity, and thoughtfulness?

Were it not the case, it would mean we have not done well. In fact, the
Fa's requirement for us is very high and not just what we have realized
or have demonstrated in our actions.

It might just take one sentence to inform someone about Dafa. However,
helping them see the wonderfulness of Dafa involves our behavior and
every action in our daily life, without exception.

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