Serene Thought: Wandering All Over the World

By Xiao Lian

PureInsight | June 29, 2008

[] Days ago, I
was someplace else. One day it started to rain, so I simply walked in
the rain to the next bus top. When I passed a bridge, it rained more
heavily. Looking at the hazy sky and wet ground, I suddenly felt I had
never been so close to Mother Nature than at this moment!

Cars sped by. To them, I was a stranger. At this moment, I suddenly understood what "wandering all over the world" (a four character Chinese phrase) really meant, which I had repeatedly wondered about.

I haven't been to many places in this life. However, my thoughts always
wander around. As my feet walked all through the years step by step, my
mind may have wandered to a distant past or seen far into the future...

As cultivators, the way we look at things differs from ordinary people,
and what we know about the world is very likely beyond the reach of
modern science. So, the following is what I have been thinking deeply
about regarding this matter. In order to communicate move effectively,
I am writing in the style of prose.

A person walks for his whole life without hardly letting up. During the
daytime we walk at work; at night we actually walk even when we sleep.
It is just that sometimes we walk on our feet, while at other times,
even though the body doesn't move at all, time walks by without our
noticing. In order to make a living, one person may move here and
there, relocating continuously during his lifetime. Someone else might
live in the same old house all his life and even disappear with the

As the line in a Chinese song goes: Wandering all over the world, where is my home? Indeed! Where is my home? !

Could it possibly be true that our coming to this human world has been only for sentiments such as love, hate, worry etc?

In fact, we all come from the cosmos's dimensions at different levels.
Over there, we don't have life and death and impermanence, neither do
we have the pain of reincarnation. Everything is perfect on the other
side, and that perfection is not only more real and permanent but also
more pure and sacred.

Over there, there is no dust or dirtiness but magnificence and eternity.

Over there:

Mountains are not only lofty and beautiful but are able to change shape
and are transparent. All good things can be found on a mountain or
inside a mountain.

Trees not only come in many different varieties, but they can dance. Tree leaves can change into different shapes.

Houses are not just for dwelling. There is no comparing the imperial
palace of the human world  to those houses' magnificence.

Lives don't have conflicts or fights. They have only "compassion" and "forbearance" ...

Originally, we had been there for an endless time. Then some problems
started to emerge there. We wanted to cultivate in the human world to
obtain the Fa, and then to go back home when Falun Dafa is spread.

So when we started to descend, that is to say, we started to wander all over the world!

Isn't it right? To a being, only the original home where the being was born can be called "home."

We kept descending to lower levels, in other words, we kept entering
into more deficient wisdom and environment; we kept forming karmic
relationships with other beings. Gratitude and grievance were mixed
upon us. Then we entered into "the three realms," entered into the
cycle of reincarnation. This meant if we couldn't obtain the Fa, we
would never be able to return to our home.

Those who have some life experience may know that "wandering around"
means being bullied or humiliated. While we descended, we experienced
all kinds of bullying and humiliation. It is very sad to recall those.
It is like the smartest and richest person goes to a place where he is
treated as the poorest and most stupid one. While we descended, our
original wisdom was sealed off gradually. But once we understood some
truth, the past experience looked really hard.

While we descended through all kinds of hardships, we wandered through
the cosmos's dimensions at different levels. There was no parents'
compassion, no sentient beings' wholehearted support. Descending meant
continuously entering into a world of delusion and impermanence, and
then continuously entering into another world of even more delusion and
more impermanence, until reaching this human world where there is the
most delusion and impermanence.

Over here, there is birth, aging, illness, and death; there is right
and wrong, gratitude and grievance. Over here, we can't see other
dimensions, just the dimension which human eyes can see.

In this secular world, watching the stream of people on the streets afar, looking inside the houses, I am speechless.

Even in temples, one still can't have peace of mind. How could one get rid of all human thoughts?

A person's life inevitably has suffering and tribulation, and runs
across things that are not wished for. How happy could a loafer's life

Even more sadly, all the pains and impermanence that don't belong to us
are now regarded as real by us. We regard this hotel as our original

As a matter of fact, each of us has been wandering around for too long; now it is time to go home.

Looking up at the stars, counting the days I have been staying here,
taking all the loads of gratitude and grievance off my mind, now I
tread the path of going home!

When I held up Zhuan Falun,
at that very moment, I knew that this is the only path to return home;
this is also what we had been searching for after we came here.

Cherish all of this. What we have been waiting for is imminent! This is what we wandered all over the world in search of!

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