The Issue of Killing and Human Notions – Two Brief Sharings

By a Taiwan Practitioner

PureInsight | October 6, 2008


The Issue of Killing

A few days ago, I went out for dinner with my two children. This was quite a dinning experience for me and it also reflected my state of cultivation—a lack of compassion.

It is a strict requirement that cultivators cannot kill. Because of this, normally when we have hot pot for dinner, I would put back the live clams. That day, I went out with my children. I did not have much for lunch and I had to do a lot of physical labor in the afternoon. For that reason, I ordered hot pot. When the server lit the fire under the pot and put everything on the table, I saw a live clam on the plate. Later, I noticed that there were four clams in the pot. I intended to remove the clams from the pot before the water got hot, but I was too hungry and forgot to do it. A minute later, I started to feel very uneasy and physically uncomfortable. My two children noticed this and asked me repeatedly what was the matter.

The most obvious symptom was that my tongue felt like a cooked clam and rolled up slightly. I managed to eat the rice in my bowl but could not swallow anything else. I went out to the sidewalk and did the first set of exercises. My body slowly returned to normal. After, I returned to the restaurant, I told my children, “Daddy doesn't have compassion and just killed a life!” At the moment when I enlightened to that, my whole body felt as light as a cloud. The entire episode ended within 15 minutes, and my children were astonished to witness this.

Human Notions

Auntie Hong is a new practitioner with good xinxing. She practiced another cultivation way before learning Falun Dafa. She retired young, and soon alarming messages came from her body. She could not sleep due to anxiety and lost 15 lbs from not eating regularly. She became a Dafa practitioner three months ago. She regained 7 lbs in the first month and soon all her physical symptoms disappeared. In addition to that, she became extremely patient with her husband. The entire family saw how she changed.

Last week, she told me that she wanted to learn how to send forth righteous thoughts. I found the file from my computer and was ready to print a copy for her. However, I noticed that my printer was having problems and was in need of repair. Consequently, it looked like I could not print a copy for her. At that instant, I said silently, “My Fa implement! This is Dafa work.” Then, after I pressed the key to print, the guidance for sending forth righteous thoughts was printed clearly on the page.

Afterwards, I thought—a human notion: “For a new practitioner, perhaps a portion of the guidance is not appropriate, and maybe I should print the earlier version. I retrieved the old version and pressed the print button, but the printer would not budge an inch. I immediately realized that that was my human notion and it was not righteous. Of course we should follow the latest version of the guidance to send forth righteous thoughts. I explained about sending righteous thoughts briefly to Auntie Hong and found that she had very simple thoughts. She was very happy and took the guidance home.

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