Memory from a Photo—Recalling Teacher's Second Seminar in Wuhan City

By a Dafa practitioner in Wuhan City

PureInsight | September 13, 2008

[] Today, a practitioner came to my home to take a look at the group photo taken of Teacher and us. I took this precious picture out from the pocket of a coat in the dresser. After opening the wrapping, we saw Respected Teacher's smile and we were in tears. Although fifteen years have passed, I still clearly remember the second seminar Teacher held in Wuhan City.

One day in March in 1993, I casually turned on the radio and heard Teacher giving a live consultation over the radio. Teacher said, “You can think of where you do not feel comfortable.” His voice was so loud, clear and cordial. I was surprised, “I have never met this Master Li before. How come his voice sounds so familiar?”

Since Teacher was asking the listeners where they felt uncomfortable, I immediately thought about my stomach. After a while, Teacher asked, “How do you feel now?” Suddenly, my stomach did not feel painful or swollen anymore. For many years, my stomach had not had such a comfortable feeling. I was so excited; I had not met Teacher but he had already purified my body for me.

Thinking Falun Gong was so miraculous, my wife and I decided to bring our daughter—who was ill—to attend Teacher’s second seminar in Wuhan City. In order to try to cure my daughter’s illness, my wife had previously gone to many Qigong classes. When listening to Teacher’s lecture, she was thinking: “I do not know how good this Master Li is.” At that moment, Teacher said (not original words), “Some people want to judge how good Falun Gong is. In fact, without touching you, I can cure your illness.” My wife thought, “Isn’t Teacher talking about me? It is amazing! Teacher can hear my thoughts.”

In order to accommodate those who had day jobs, the classes were arranged from 7 pm to 9 pm daily. Because we lived in Qingshan City, while the classes were held in Wuhan Party Auditorium, to get there, we had to take a ferry followed by a bus. Everyday, we left for the class around 3 pm. In order to catch the ferry and bus home, on the first day, we left the auditorium before the class was over. After arriving at the class on the following day, someone told us, “Teacher adjusted our bodies yesterday after you left. What a pity.” Upon hearing that, my wife immediately went to the stage to look for Teacher (the class had not started yet). She did not find Teacher and returned. At that moment, she saw Teacher walking towards the stage and immediately went up to him, “Teacher, we left early yesterday to catch the ferry, and you did not adjust our bodies for us.” Teacher smiled, “It will be all right.” At the end of the class that day, Teacher said (not original words), “Some students left early yesterday because they live far away, and their bodies were not adjusted. Today, we will do it once again.” Then Teacher said, “Stamp your left foot.” The three of us joined the others in stamping our left foot together. We were so happy; what a wonderful Teacher!

After that day’s class, Teacher taught us the first set of exercises, “Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms.” One practitioner demonstrated the movements on the stage as Teacher was giving instructions, “Buddha Maitreya Stretching His Back,
Tathagata Pouring Energy into the Top of the Head,

Pressing the Hands Together in Front of the Chest.” We all followed and started to learn. I was very excited upon returning in the evening. I thought, “This is really outstanding; Falun Gong is extraordinary. From the names of the movements, we can see that Falun Gong is something truly good.”

One day after class, Teacher taught us to do the second set of exercises, “Falun Standing Stance.” As I was doing it, I saw Teacher was correcting our movements for us one by one. I was very excited and touched.

After the seminar was over, Teacher set aside one afternoon for us to take a group photo with him. One can imagine that several thousand students wanted to have their pictures taken. Teacher was very busy taking pictures with this group and that group, but he was smiling the whole time. We were all deeply moved.

Fifteen years have passed. Thinking of that period of time made me feel guilty; Teacher cares for us so much and has sacrificed so much for us. Just like Teacher said, “ the several years of your cultivation, I have not only borne an incredibly great deal for you, but also, along with this, constantly given you hints for your improvement, looked after you for your safety, and settled the debts that you owed at different levels so that you can reach Consummation—these aren’t things that just anyone can do, and neither can they be done for everyday people” (“Drive Out Interference,” Essentials for Further Advancement II). Thinking of Teacher's enormous sacrifice, I decide to make the best use of the limited time to act as a true, qualified Dafa disciple.

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