My Experience Learning to Recite Zhuan Falun

A Dafa Practitioner in Shandong

PureInsight | November 17, 2008

[] I am a veteran practitioner who obtained the Fa in October 1996. I have studied Zhuan Falun for twelve years and have read it between seven and eight hundred times.

I started to recite Zhuan Falun in the fall of 2003. It took me from the end of September until New Year’s Day 2004 to finish reciting the whole book for the first time. At that time, I thought that since Zhuan Falun is the principle of the universe, I should carry it with me forever and the only way to achieve this was to be able to recite it fluently. In the future, no matter wherever we go to, or whatever level we attain, our whole body would be assimilated to the Fa if we can recite it. Will all sentient beings that have obtained the Fa be saved? (This is my own understanding and it may be not correct). Master told us in “Melt into the Fa” (Essentials for Further Advancement):

“The ancients have a saying, ‘Having heard the Dao in the morning, one can die in the evening.’ No one among mankind today can really understand its meaning. Did you know that when a person’s mind accepts the Fa, that part of his mind that accepts the Fa is assimilated to the Fa? Where will that part go upon the death of that person who has heard the Fa? The reason I ask you to study the Fa more, eliminate more of your attachments, and let go of various human notions, is to allow you to not just take a portion away with you, but to reach Consummation.”

My understanding is that because this is the Fa of the universe, we should recite it fluently without any mistakes. What kind of fluency should we attain? We should recite it the way we recite “Lunyu.” Actually, this is very difficult. At that time, I felt the Fa rectification was going so fast and that time was very limited. How could I learn it before the end of Fa rectification?

Now, several years have passed and even though I paused in the middle of memorizing the Fa and only read instead of reciting for a while, I started again and now I can recite it very fluently. During group study, I do not need the book. When other practitioners read, I recite. A practitioner asked me, “How many times have you recited the book?” I smiled and replied, “Do we need to count how many times that we recite the Fa? I would like to ask you, ‘How many times have you recited ‘Lunyu?’’” She said she didn’t know the answer. I told her that, likewise, I never counted how many times I recited the book. I studied and recited again and again and don’t need to remember the number of times. Just like those diligent practitioners who recite “Lunyu,” we should just recite the Fa fluently and accurately and that should be the only goal.

What do we gain from reciting the Fa? A person who truly recites will gain things naturally without pursuing them. You only need to study, read, recite and remember that you are a Dafa practitioner and discipline yourself by following the principles of the Fa. By doing so, you will improve your level and your realm. Sometimes the results are difficult to see and difficult to describe. In this human world, it seems very quiet on the surface, but in other dimensions, it could be world-shaking.

I no longer need to write long articles about my xinxing tribulations. I wrote two articles before, and one practitioner told me, “Your articles are good, reflecting a high realm and understanding.” I think this is because reciting the Fa has caused me to improve greatly. Dear fellow practitioners, let us recite the Fa more!

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