Predestined Relationship with the Fa Causes Miracles

A Dafa practitioner in Taiwan

PureInsight | December 9, 2008



Two days ago, 200 school principals came to our school for a workshop on how to help students break away from their addiction to the Internet. I arrived early to prepare the training materials. Ms. Jian, a principal who supports Falun Dafa, brought a CD containing more than 30 photos that had been taken at a graduation party three months earlier. The numerous Falun that appeared in the picture had puzzled many people.

After looking at the pictures, I told Ms. Jian that pictures could show very extraordinary scenes. She then told me a story related to the pictures. One female student and her brother had had a car accident a day before the graduation ceremony. Her brother died at the scene, while she remained in a severe coma. The doctors did not know what to do. At the end of the graduation ceremony, Ms. Jian led all the teachers and students to pray for the student. Afterwards during the graduation party, two teachers took pictures and found many Falun. The next day, the student woke up and later returned to school. All the teachers and students came to realize that the gods had helped them.

In the past, Ms. Jian and I saw pictures with Falun taken during Dafa activities and she was very impressed. She, herself, had also listened to Teacher’s lectures. This incident showed her that, not only she, but also the injured student, the student’s mother and all the teachers and students in the school, had predestined relationships with Dafa. She suddenly understood that it was Teacher and Dafa who had saved the student.

Predestined Relationship with the Fa

Last week after a workshop, I met Yan Qing, an artist who specializes in painting. After receiving a Master’s degree at an art school in Milan, Italy, she returned to Taiwan to teach.

Noticing that she was carrying a portfolio of her work, I asked if I could take a look. She opened it and I was touched, for the pictures told me that this artist had been searching for a path to cultivate for a very long time.

I asked if she wanted to listen to some words from Falun Dafa. She nodded without hesitation. She also conjoined hands and sat up straight. I began to recite “Lunyu” from Zhuan Falun. Upon hearing “Then, what exactly is ‘the Buddha Fa’?” she was very touched and in tears. Later, she told me that when she heard those words she felt a massive energy rotating in her chest.

Looking at her drawings, the artist told me happily that she and her mother and father would all like to cultivate.

October 23, 2008

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