“Only an Angel Can Have Such a Miracle Happen”

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | January 19, 2009


1. My experience before I began practicing Falun Dafa

I am a new Western practitioner. This past February I started practicing Dafa. One day, I went to eat dinner at a Chinese restaurant and I saw that a waitress at this restaurant had a colored aura around her body that caught my attention. It was very different from what I have normally seen that other people have. She had a transparent white colored light that seemed to be like looking through glass. When she approached me, her color and my color fused together and made a new different colored light. This fusion of colored light between my color and another person has never happened to me. She began to talk to me about Falun Dafa and this is when I was first introduced to the Fa.

When I was born, my mother tells me that I was covered by what appeared to be a thin white material that covered my body. This material was as thin as a veil and had to be torn to take me out of it. Doctors told my mother that this is something that is very rare and it is not commonly seen when children are born.

When I was little, I experienced many miracles. My mother took me to the hospital when I was little because she thought I had a problem with my mind. I could hear sounds and see things that no other people could. When I met the doctor for the first time in the hospital I told her not to waste time talking to me, that she needed to save her son that lived very far away. This doctor was from Israel, and I held her hand and let her know she needed to call and save her son quickly. At first, she did not believe me but she left and called her son anyway. When she called her son and woke him, he told her that he smelled smoke in the house. Had she not woken him, he would have died in the fire. The doctor later came back to me and my mother and told my mother that I am not sick, and that there is nothing wrong with me. The doctor burst into tears and told me that I was an angel that God had sent to her. She told us that her house had caught fire and that her son is alive and out of danger because she listened to me and called her home and woke him.

I was also seen by another doctor when I was little because of the colored lights that I could see on other people. This doctor started with a treatment of flashing a blinding light into my eyes. It was so bright that I had to close my eyes, and even with my eyes closed I could still see these colored lights that everyone has around them. I told the doctor that all his bright lights only made me very uncomfortable but it still did not stop this ability. I told him when he was finished that he needs to be extra careful going home otherwise he will have an accident. This doctor laughed at me and did not believe me. He was almost killed in a violent car accident on his way home. When I came back to my next appointment, instead of continuing with his treatment he said that everything was normal with me and that I did not need any more treatments. He said he wished he had believed me when I told him about the danger he would be in. He said to me, “Had I listened to you, my fate would have been different that night on my way home.”

I was about eight years old when I was seen by these doctors. The hospital I went to has the records of all of my visits.

I also found as a child growing up that I could not shake hands with people. While holding their hands, I could see any wrong doings that they had done or were about to do as if seeing a movie in my mind.

I had a dream when growing up that a female tiger was attacking me and that its jaw had completely covered my face and its teeth were cutting into the skin on my face. I felt that blood was oozing down my neck from around my face and just at about the time that the tiger was going to crush my head with its jaws it collapsed and died in front of me. My face was unharmed and there was no blood on me.

I grew up near the ocean in the tropics. One day, all of the kids were playing in the ocean as usual and none of us were worried that there would be any danger in our watery playground because of our innocence. I was 7 years old at the time, and as I was playing, I noticed that a 2 year-old girl was staring into the ocean and was not playing with the rest of us. I was curious and wanted to know what she was looking at. At that moment, I saw that about ten feet away from her was a huge jelly fish that was slowly heading in her direction. I ran toward her and picked her up. The jelly fish was very close to us at this point and looked bigger than a beach ball to me. When I got her to safety on land, I picked up a stick from the ground and went back to the jelly fish that still continued to move in our direction. Inside the jelly fish, I could see the many fish that it had captured. I proceeded to kill it by poking at it with the stick. After poking at it many times and freeing the fish inside, I dragged the jelly onto the land, dug a hole in the sand and buried it inside.

Another time while growing up in the tropics as a child, I was playing along with many of my friends from the village. We were playing in front of this house that was by the sea and had a dock built all around it. On the sides of the dock were old tires that were used to keep boats from hitting the dock. On the second floor of this house was a porch with a rocking chair on the right side of the porch. This house had been vacant for many years and the windows and doors had been boarded up. While we were in the ocean water, we all felt that suddenly the water seemed to have gotten deeper and the ocean floor felt muddy to our feet instead of sandy. All the children looked up at the same time because we heard the double doors to this porch swung open with a bang. Out from the doorway, we saw an old lady walk out to the edge of the porch and stare down at us. The kids were all scared and started to climb out of the water onto the dock by way of the old tires that hung from the sides. We all wondered how there could be someone inside the house since we all knew that the doors and windows to this house were all boarded up. I was not scared and kept looking at this old lady. She was pale white and her hair was silvery gray. She wore a nightgown that was long and white. As the rest of the kids were almost all out of the water, I saw the lady stare out to the horizon. She turned to the rocking chair and sat down and began to rock back and forth. As the last kid got out of the water, I followed them and got out as well. As I got out of the water, I turned to suddenly see a huge shark behind me racing through the water. I saw its mouth open and its teeth as it raced behind me. Had the lady not appeared the way she did, we would have all still been in the water and this shark would have made a meal out of us. I feel that this lady saved us that day, whoever she was. I told the story to my mother and grandmother and found out that this lady died many years ago and had lost her children to the sea.

One day, new owners purchased this house and many of the villagers volunteered to help with its restoration. I was helping with a paint brush and I was by the double doors that the old lady had opened. The owners opened the double doors and I stopped painting to take a look. I remembered the old lady that stood out there looking at the horizon and later sat down on the rocking chair, so I was curious to see this place from up here. As I stepped forward toward the porch, someone grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and pulled me back. It was the new owner of the house. He asked me what I was going to do. I told him about the old lady and that I wanted to take a look at the porch. He did not believe my story and said it was impossible. He said, “No one can stand on this porch or sit down on the rocking chair; all of the wood is rotted through.” He grabbed one of the painting poles and prodded at the porch floor and the rocking chair and they both gave away and broke into pieces. Regardless of the condition of the porch or rocking chair, we all really did see the old lady stand on the porch and she also rocked herself on that chair that day.

One day I was swimming with my friend and we decided to swim under a boat. We wanted to swim to the bottom of the boat and come up on the other side. When we went under the boat, we became disoriented and were swimming the length of the boat instead of to the other side. The boat was flat on the bottom and it all looked the same to us. We were running out of breath and did not know which way to go. I let some air out of my mouth and saw the direction that the bubble traveled. I grabbed my friend by the hand and pulled him towards me as I followed the air bubble to the surface. I felt my lungs burning as I swam towards the surface. I wanted to let all the air out of my lungs and gasp for air, but I thought to myself how could I do this if I was still under the water. When I was close to the surface I saw that my friend was letting all of his air out and I could not hold my air either so I let it out. As I broke the surface, I gasped for air and my friend gasped for air but was choking because he had swallowed some sea water. To this day, I don’t know why I decided to follow the air bubbles, but I know that if I had not done so and pulled my friend along with me, we both would have drowned that day. I don’t remember being afraid or panicking even though I was only 7 years old when this happened.

My grandmothers from both my mother’s and my father’s side each chose different ways to treat me. One was very mean and the other was not mean. The mean one unknowingly helped me get rid of a lot of karma as I was growing up. I understood this later on after learning Falun Dafa. She beat me and abused me in many ways. She would punish me for not eating her food by making me kneel down under the sun on top of a piece of aluminum foil that she would place on the floor with dry rice grains on top of it. This punishment would go on for hours at a time, and she would beat me with what I now call a switch. This was a long branch that she would strip the leaves off of and make a whip out of. I remember to this day the sound of this switch and the pain it caused me when it would strike welts on my legs. Sometimes, these welts broke the skin and I would bleed. When I was hungry, I would feed on goats’ milk that I would get directly from the goats that were in our yard. I was about 6 years old at this time. One day, I told my grandmother that she needed to go to the doctor to check on something I had seen inside of her stomach. I told her this only to save her life and all she did was beat me and say I was wishing for her death. She refused to seek treatment, and after about six months she died because of this.

My other grandmother never abused me or beat me. One day, I saw something inside of her back. I told her about it and said she needed to get this checked. I did not know if it was good or bad, only that it was not normal and that other people did not have this on their backs. She listened to me and went to the doctor and had a tumor the size of a grapefruit removed from next to her kidney. This was done on time with no complications. After this, she lived the rest of her life healthy and died of old age.

My family was curious about spirit possession, and they took me with them to see a man who would tell people their past and future and would have spirits from dead relatives of those present there posses him. The people would then be able to talk to their dead family members. When we entered his house, the man asked for me to sit on his right side because he said that I had some special energy or power. He asked that no matter what happened that I do not get up from the chair to his right. When the ceremony started, some animal possessed this man and he could not talk. Many people were scared and one man started to get up to run out of the house because he was so frightened. I knew I should not get up but I also knew that I had to do something for this man that was about to run out the door. I asked the people to stop him from leaving and said that he was in great danger. The possessed man was in some kind of stupor and could not say anything and the people did not believe me. Had this man been able to say something, they would have believed him and stopped the man from running out of the house in time. When I was asked by the people what I saw, all I could tell them was that I saw a lot of blood and that the man’s life was in danger if he left the house. No one believed me, and later this man was killed. He was robbed and stabbed many times very close to the stairs of this house.

When I was 7 years old and living in the village, we went to visit a family’s home. While we were there a man started to be possessed. Many of the family members were panicking and did not know what to do. They had a priest come but still he could not be helped. This possessed man continued to hurt himself and had to be held down. I walked over to him and put my head up against his head and went flying back against a wall as the animal trying to hold on to this man went flying out of him. Later, the news of this spread, and whenever there was a spirit possession, people would come to my home and knock on the door to ask for my help. They would even offer money so that my mother would allow me to go and help them. I refused the money and asked my mother to never accept money from the people for my help, even though we were so poor and did not even have enough money to buy a pair of shoes for me at the time.

In my village, most kids had a bicycle but we could not afford one. One day, a man that I had helped many months earlier walked up to me with a beautiful bicycle and asked me if I wanted to buy it. Later on, I found out he really wanted to give me the bicycle but he knew that if he offered to give it to me I would refuse. I told him I could not afford such a beautiful bike. I thought a bike like this would be very expensive and that there would be no way that we could afford something like this. He said he was selling it for the very cheap price of only ten dollars. I could not believe the price and I went running to my mother very excited and asked my mom if we could afford to buy it for only ten dollars. My mom could not afford a bicycle like this at the regular price, but she bought this one for ten dollars knowing that she would probably never get a deal like this again. This was the first bicycle I ever had.

When I was 15 years old, I remember riding on the sidewalk with a really expensive bike that I had bought with money I earned from a part time job I had at a restaurant. While riding along heading to my house, a car pulled out of a driveway and hit me on the side. I went flying into a wooden electrical pole and hit the back of my head very hard. The car hit me so hard on my bicycle that the metal frame of my bike was bent. My leg that was between the frame and car did not suffer any injury, and my head was okay even though I hit the pole so hard. The driver got out of the car and tried to help me. He offered to take me to the hospital but I told him that I was alright and left. I did not ever think about telling him to pay for the damage he had done to my bike, let alone trying to act like I was hurt to get money from him.

One time when I was 13 years old and living with my aunt, I took a paper from my aunt that she used to play the lottery numbers, hoping to win money. I started to pick numbers and darken the circles that needed to be darkened. I did not do this with any intention, but only with the feeling that I needed to do it. Only after I finished did I realize that this was for my aunt. I took the lottery ticket to my aunt and gave it to her. I told her that these were her winning numbers. She took the ticket from my hand and set it to the side of her table. The next day I asked her in the evening how much she had won. My aunt said she had not played the numbers and that the ticket was still on the table. When the numbers were being announced on the television, she had picked up the ticket to see what would have happened had she played the number I had given her. My aunt started crying and asked me if I would give her the numbers again for the next game because all of the numbers were exactly as I had written them on the ticket and she would have won millions of dollars had she played this ticket. I never did this again for her or anyone else.

When I grew up, as a young man, I went traveled out of the country for work. When in the hotel room, I fell into a deep sleep and was awakened by a windy chill that I felt coming from my right side. When I turned to my right I saw a figure of a man dressed completely in black and his face was concealed by a hood over his head. He was sitting in the chair to my right as if just waiting for me to wake up. On the wall there was this big hole and that was where all the chilling wind was coming from. I got up right away and looked to the door to see if it was still locked. It was just as I had left it and I could not figure out how this person got inside. This dark figure got up and pointed to the hole in the wall and I saw many riches and jewels, women, and huge cities with many people. This figure offered to give me all that I saw in front of me. He said that I could have all of these riches and power and women if all I did was bow down to him and worship him as my master. I closed my eyes and put my arms in front of my face and with all my might screamed NO! At this same time my arm flew open and I opened my eyes to face him. He was gone and the hole was no longer in the wall. All was quiet and I no longer felt the chilling wind in my room.

When I was a child, I heard a voice say to me the name “Jade,” and that this would be the right person for my life. I grew up always hoping for this person to come into my life. I never met anyone by that name to my knowledge. I later met my future wife who introduced me to Falun Dafa. Later on, I found out that her name in Chinese translates to Jade in English. I feel such happiness and joy to have found the right person and Dafa at the same time. I know that before I came to this world I chose my parents and the place I would be born at. I know that before I was born I chose many of the tests that I would go through, and I chose to learn Falun Dafa. Jade is the person that I have waited for all my life and Falun Dafa is the reason I came to this world.

2. After I attained Fa, I was fortunate enough for the Master to protect me.

A few weeks after I began practicing Dafa, I went from having high blood pressure to normal blood pressure. I do not need to monitor my blood pressure anymore or take pills for high blood pressure.

A couple of months after I attained Fa, I was in a traffic accident which totaled my car. At just the moment before the impact, I saw that my car was completely covered by a yellow light. After the impact, I got out of my car and ran to check on the people in the other two vehicles involved in the accident. They were both uninjured and I was fine as well. My job required that I go get myself checked, so I went to get myself checked and the doctor recommended surgery and pain medicine. The CT scans of my back showed that all 5 lower discs were damaged and pressing against the nerves next to them. I refused surgery and to this day I have not taken any pain medicine. On the second visit, the doctor insisted on the same treatment, and I refused again and told him that I was not in pain. He could not understand how someone could be standing and not screaming in pain with what he was seeing in the pictures, and I told him that with Falun Dafa I was getting better. I hope that everyone who reads this knows how good Falun Dafa really is and how much it can help them.

A little over two months after I learned the Fa, I was sending forth righteous thoughts in my room, and when I finished, I found that I was not alone in my room. I saw Master Li standing near my bedroom window. He was dressed in a yellow kasaya and looked very young and slim. I was not really sure at first who this person was until he introduced himself by name. When I knew it was Master Li, I knelt down in front of him. He talked to me for what seemed to me like hours but in reality it was only 4 minutes that had passed. When he spoke to me I could hear his voice but his mouth did not move the way when people normally speak to one another. He taught me many things during this time. The main things were how to be a good humble practitioner. He told me to help and serve the people and not to have ambitions for fame and glory where I wished for people to follow me. I was single at the time and he talked to me as if I was already married and had children with this wife he talked to me about. He also warned me that there would be great danger at work and to take precautions to take care of myself. He said that I would know what to do when the time comes. I trusted and believed all that he told me. I felt peaceful and protected while I was in front of Master Li. He later made me get up from my knees. He did not want me to be kneeling in front of him any longer. I talked about some of these things to the person that introduced me to Falun Dafa because Master Li told me that I could trust her. She told me, “If you are ever in any danger, heshi (conjoin hands) with both hands together, and call out Master Li’s name three times and he will come and save your life if you really believe and have faith.”

One day at my job at a very critical moment, I remembered what Master Li told me and I felt the need to put on my body armor. My co-workers told me that I did not need to wear the body armor because I was safe, but I was reluctant to listen and I put on the body armor for protection. At the most critical moment, I was shot once in the chest and was thrown back about 5 meters by the impact, and while on the floor, the killer walked above me and I was shot again a second time in my chest. The type of ammunition that was used was enough to penetrate over 40 layers of Kevlar body armor, and the bullet explodes after it enters the body. When I was on the floor after the second shot, I called out Master Li’s name two times. The killer then pointed the gun at my head while standing above me. I looked into the barrel and at the same time, I called out Master Li’s name for a 3rd time. When the killer pulled the trigger the gun did not fire but just clicked.

At that moment, I saw Master Li’s Fashen on the ceiling! He was wearing the same yellow kasaya as when he appeared to me the first time. He was looking down at me and smiled at me. As before, I did not see his mouth move but I heard him say, “My son I am proud of you.” Then he disappeared in what looked like many flower petals that took off in many directions. Afterwards, I lost consciousness. I was given emergency care and flown to the hospital. In the hospital, the doctors worked very hard to save my life. They took many x-rays and CT-scans of my chest and found that in my chest around the area of my heart there were fractured bones and some arteries that were blocked and hemorrhaging internally. The damage was so extensive that my chest looked concave and made a crunching sound when the physicians touched me. The skin was black and blue all around my chest area. The doctors said to prepare for the worst and to notify my family members of my situation. One of my co-workers stayed with me all the time, and when he heard this news he held me in his arms and cried. I felt his tears running down my face. I told him not to worry and that I was OK. I asked him to sit me up because I was too weak to do it myself and to cross my legs in the lotus position. I sent forth righteous thoughts as well as I could. My arms were very weak and they would fail me when I tried to bring them up. I was drugged and do not remember exactly how much time had passed. My arms kept failing me, but I persisted on holding them up to the best of my ability.

The doctor came into the room and saw that I was sitting up. He could not believe that I had not died yet. He asked me how I felt and I told him that I was alright. I told him how great the Fa is and that I did not have any problems and that I was OK. It was just that his machines were having problems and they were not accurate. The doctors decided to run the tests all over again because it appeared that I was doing much better than they had expected. When they started to run the tests, their equipment seemed to have broken down and was not working properly. The doctors said that their equipment seemed to be having some kind of interference and that they were having trouble making the necessary adjustments. During this time, I felt many changes inside of my chest and I strongly believe that Master Li was repairing the damage I had received and that the energy was so strong that the medical equipment could not be tuned correctly.

The doctors looked at the second set of test results and could not believe their eyes. The x-ray and CT-scans showed no fractured bones or internal hemorrhaging. They looked at my chest and saw that my chest was no longer concave and no longer felt crunchy to the touch, but strong and hard. The skin only appeared slightly discolored and the muscles and bones felt strong under the skin. One doctor looked at the other doctor and said, “He is an angel. All of his injuries have disappeared. Only an angel can have such a miracle happen.”

My boss was preparing to call my family to let them know of the possible news that I had died in the line of duty when he received another phone call letting him know that the new test results showed no bone fractures and no internal bleeding and that my life was no longer in danger. My body armor should not have stopped those bullets. The vest was sent for testing, and it was found that the area that had stopped the bullets from penetrating was no longer of the same chemical makeup or material. These areas were different from the rest of the armor. Another test was run on the armor. It was shot once more in another area with the same type of bullet that had previously not been able to penetrate the armor. This time the bullet pierced the front and back all the way through. The armor was sent to the manufacturer and it was requested that more armor be sent of the same material that had stopped the bullet. The body armor manufacturer said that this is their body armor but that they have never seen or produced anything of this type of material that stopped the bullet. They could not explain why the material was different, and have never been able to reproduce this type of material. They were not even able to cut a sample of the material because it is so hard.

My boss asked me if I had done anything to the armor to make it stronger. I told him that I did not do anything to the body armor. I told him I could only thank Master Li for saving my life, by changing the material so that it would stop the bullets from penetrating into my body.

My boss and another co-worker have since become practitioners. They both have had strong experiences with Dafa saving their lives and believe in the Fa and Master Li very firmly. Another co-worker that was with me and stayed by my side and helped nurse me is now reading Dafa books and is interested in the exercises. I think he too will soon become a practitioner.

Since that time my chest feels very strong to me. It’s as if it is no longer the same bone and muscle structure but has changed to a stronger material.

One time some wooden parts collapsed and fell with a loud smashing sound. I was caught in the middle of the collapse and my right arm and some of my body was pinned down. The wood around my right arm had broken into several pieces. After the pile of wood was removed and I was pulled out, my other boss wanted to take me to the hospital because he thought that if the wood was broken then my arm had to be broken as well. He took some pictures of the wood pile and pictures of my arm for his documentation of the accident. I told him that I was alright and didn’t need any medical attention. Zhuan Falun, Lecture Four, page 155 teaches us, “We’d say that a good or bad outcome comes from one thought. The difference in one thought leads to different results.” As we all understand that the Fa is the Law, this is the reason that I am OK and uninjured. This boss now also knows how great Falun Dafa really is.

I feel extremely grateful for Master Li’s graciousness to save my life, change my body and spirit. I was very fortunate this year to have the opportunity to see Master Li and hear him speak for the first time in person at the conference in New York. I was very grateful to have the honor to hear all his view points on different subjects. While sitting down in the conference, I observed all the different color lights that people sitting there were sending out. Suddenly, when Master Li entered the conference room to speak to all of us, and all I could see was his light covering all of the people present. Master Li’s light was blindingly bright and I could no longer see the colored light from anyone present.

I want to let all who read this how great Falun Dafa is and how fortunate we are that Master Li has brought this Fa to us all. I hope that everyone understands and listens to what Master Li has taught us, continues to follow his teachings, and trusts Master Li forever.

I want to say “Thank you” to Master Li. I will be a good practitioner and protect the Fa with all my life.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2008/8/17/54405.html


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