Some Understandings in Cultivation

Jie Jing

PureInsight | November 24, 2008

[] While reading fellow practitioners’ experience sharing articles today, I had some deep understandings on the following two issues.

The first is to “consider oneself as a cultivator.” I did not understand the true meaning of this sentence when I studied the Fa in the past. Actually, this Fa principle has been mentioned several times in Zhuan Falun. When you encounter interference, once you have the thought, “I am a cultivator and a Dafa disciple of the Fa-rectification period,” your righteous thoughts are already at work. Because you have placed yourself in the right position, Dafa’s power will manifest. In fact, cultivation is quite simple. My personal understanding is that as long as you can consider yourself a cultivator anywhere and at any time, behave according to the standard of Fa in your actions, and persistently maintain righteous thoughts, you will become a god!

The second is to “study every word and every sentence of the Fa well.” It is like what Master said: “When one chants the Buddha’s name, one must do it single-mindedly with nothing else in mind until other portions of the brain become numb and one becomes unaware of anything, with one thought replacing thousands of others, or until each word of ‘Buddha Amitabha’ shows up before one’s eyes” (Zhuan Falun, Lecture Nine, “A Clear and Clear Mind”).

Today when I was doing the exercises, I suddenly recalled Master’s article “Take the Middle Way” (Essentials for Further Advancement). In fact, every article, every sentence, and even every single word that Master teaches is Fa. Especially in Zhuan Falun, each word and sentence is a reflection of the Fa. When I studied Zhuan Falun today, I read clearly word by word, sentence by sentence. Although I had some moments when my mind wandered away, for the most part, I felt my thoughts were very clear and I had completely melted into the Fa. When I read about the Celestial Eye in Lecture Two, I felt that my forehead was tight and I understood many Fa principles.

Master said, “If you do not follow the requirements of the Fa, you are not a practitioner of Falun Dafa (Zhuan Falun, Lecture Two, “The Issue of Pursuit”). However, do we all do things according to Dafa at all times? Master asks us to let go of human notions and offer salvation to sentient beings. But we do not always meet that requirement, and we often miss opportunities with people that we meet in our daily lives. In addition to this, there are many other requirements in Zhuan Falun that we often do not live up to, for example, cultivation of speech, the attachment of showing off, pursuing fame and profit, and so on. How can I still be considered a Dafa practitioner if I neglect these issues on a regular basis?

In addition to these two issues, I also had some understandings on the principle of “matter and mind are one thing.” A cultivator must not randomly think bad thoughts, since they will form bad substances. Whenever we do things, we should be calm, careful, and patient. When things need our immediate attention, we should try our best to do them well without pursuing the outcome. When I’m in this state, I understand many things clearly and my thoughts flow out like a steady stream. In the past, I was very much afraid of receiving phone calls from my supervisor. I would be nervous and unsure how to handle them. But today when I received a call, my mind was very calm like still water, and I was relaxed and stable without any worries.

The above is just some enlightenment I had today. Please kindly point out anything that is incorrect.

October 18, 2008

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