Small Points on Cultivation: At the Workplace

A Dafa Disciple Outside of China

PureInsight | December 1, 2008

[] A couple of years ago, there were some losses at my workplace caused by my limited understanding. I did not care about my coworkers’ feelings and did things the way I wanted.

After realizing this, I started to pay attention to my behavior at work. I observed how other people talked or behaved and then mimicked them without paying attention to my own thoughts. After a while, I found that this was not the way to solve this problem either. Since many things of everyday people are not right anymore, I would not be acting like a cultivator if I simply followed what they do. But on the other hand, I felt that I needed to be a normal part of this community. It would be quite difficult to handle issues well if I didn’t carefully observe other people’s reactions and react accordingly like everyday people do. I was very puzzled about how to balance this relationship well and act correctly.

Now, I have come to realize this: I am a cultivator. On my cultivation path and on my way of validating Dafa, it will not work if I use everyday people’s principles to judge things. At the moment when there is a conflict in my social interactions, it is not that I am lacking in social skills or unable to communicate well. It is because I did not do things according to Dafa. When one can’t realize this and correct oneself and treats the situation with the so-called everyday people’s experience or blaming others, it won’t work no matter how hard you try. It is like mistaking the moon for its reflection in the water, and its true nature will never be found there.

Things among everyday people are often quite complicated and can’t be resolved easily because there are predestined relationships from many lifetimes playing out. If we don’t cultivate in Dafa, we will be trapped inside these karmic relationships too with no way out. Only when we treat ourselves as cultivators, will things change at the root due to our pure wish of being truly good to other lives.

During this process of cultivation, we can help others to get closer to Dafa.

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