Because He Practices Falun Gong

Wei Zheng

PureInsight | December 22, 2008

[] Dezheng Li and Fei Wang are employees of a large State-owned enterprise in Northeast China. Everyday, they drive their own cars to work. However, they each receive different treatment when they pass through the security gate. The guard never checks Dezheng Li’s car, but whenever Fei Wang’s car passes through, the guard always checks his car inside out.

One day after work, right after Dezheng Li’s car passed by without a security check, Fei Wang also arrived at the security gate. The guard stopped him and wanted to check his car. Wang jumped out his car angrily. He raised his fist and wanted to hit the guard. He said, “Why do you always check my car inside out, and never check Dezheng Li’s car? Did you get something from him?”

The guard, Mr. Zheng, told Fei Wang patiently, “Dezheng Li didn’t give me anything. He [is a Falun Gong practitioner and] has never taken anything from our company, not even a pin. I trust him fully and that’s why I don’t need to check his car. However, I don’t have such trust in you. That’s why I check your car.”

Fei Wang argued, “But I am a Communist Party member.”

Mr. Zheng laughed and said, “Yes, I check your car because you are a Communist Party member. I have worked here all my life. From the company head to the department managers, they are all Communist Party members. Eighty percent of all metal and copper in our city comes from our company. Which manager can swear that he has never taken any metal or copper from our company?”

Fei Wang couldn’t say anything.

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