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PureInsight | June 4, 2001

One Day, Master Li came to my dream and taught me how to paint: I didn’t quite understand this dream when I woke up.

I have a five-year old son. He likes to paint. One day, he asked me, “Mom, what should I draw?”

“How about ladybugs”, I said.

“But what is a ladybug?”, He asked.

I drew a ladybug and explained to him. He listened very carefully and tried to draw one by himself.

Then he asked, “Mom, what should I draw now?”

“ How about the ocean: stars, wind, cloud, Universe or Falun…!”

“What are they?”

I drew and explained to him. He listened very carefully and tried to draw them by himself.

While I was teaching my son, I suddenly realized the dream I had. I cried.

I know what a ladybug is, because I have seen one before. But my son hasn’t.

My son learned a lot from me, because he trusted me.
But what if he said: “ Are those things real? I have never seen those things before, I am not going to draw them.”, “Umm maybe you are right… but why don’t I have any spots on my body? Mom, you are wrong.”, or “Mom, I think a ladybug should look like a tree, because I have seen a tree before.”
… … …
Then, probably my son will never learn anything.

I ask myself : I say that ‘I trust Master’: but how much do I ‘trust’ him?

I say that I know Dafa, but how much do I really ‘know’ Dafa?

People who do not believe in God are really unfortunate; people who sort of believe in God are very pitiful: people who believe in God one hundred percent are extremely hard to find.

Well, believing in God will not be difficult only if one can 'give up' the everyday people’s desires.


(Translated on May 15, 2001 from

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