Are We ";Color Blind?"; (III)

a Dafa Practitioner, UK

PureInsight | June 4, 2001

Some people can see some things that are invisible to others. Many people believe it is just “fantasy”. Based on this logic, to those blind people, our vision of this vivid world is also a fantasy.

Our modern anatomy can only dissect the human body in this dimension. We know that we have organs that composed of cells, and cells composed of molecules. Molecules are the smallest units that we understand of life. Some concepts from Chinese traditional medicine have been gradually accepted in the western world. But the material foundations of acupuncture points and energy channels are still unknown. Do we humans have a body that contains particles not yet detected or understood?

If a person has an eye composed of very fine particles, he could see into different dimensions. How much he can see depends on how fine the particles his eye is composed of. But this eye, made of very small particles, or particles undetected with modern technology, would itself be invisible to others. So he would look the same as an ordinary person.

Some people might be born with this type of eye. But everyone can develop this eye through cultivation practice. Cultivation practice usually has very high demands on one’s virtue. But why? What factors determine one person is more virtuous than another? Education? There might be something “more” material. Is virtue also material? Possibly. At least I know that one’s mind is material. It can be described as a kind of electromagnetic wave, though it might not be all.

If virtue is really something critical for determining whether one can see a particle smaller than atomic nucleus, this “virtue” must also be a type of substance made of particles smaller than an atomic nucleus. Is that possible that we human do have a body composed of “virtue”? Possibly. To make a joke, the eye we mentioned above is probably made of “virtue” too.

“Where is other dimension? Why can’t I see?” This is probably not something that can be achieved through any technological path. The only way is, cultivate and be virtuous.


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