Seeing Ourselves for Who We Really Are

PureInsight | June 11, 2001

Recently, when the topic of Fa rectification came up, I noticed that some fellow practitioners were using how they imagined everyday people would think and feel about certain things as the basis to guide how they should spread the Fa. On the surface, such thinking appears to result from considering how to let more kind-hearted people know about the Fa. In reality, those practitioners who hold onto such thinking have not stepped out of their humanness. They have not recognized their own fundamental attachments, so they cannot work to eliminate them. No matter which method we choose to spread the Fa, we are telling those people who have predestined relationships with the Fa the truth. We are acquainting them with the manifestations of the Buddha Fa that have become clear to the Dafa particles at different levels. We are sharing our understandings of the Fa from the bottom of our own hearts, and the mighty power of the Buddha Fa that we have experienced first-hand. Along the way, we are explaining the truth to everyday people and validating the Fa. At this time, every single thought, speech, and action of ours should conform to the xinxing standard that the Dafa demands from us at our current levels. We should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate any human thoughts, regardless of whether they come from ourselves or are interference from the outside, the moment they appear in our heads. We should no longer give the evils any excuses to justify their existence. In my personal opinion, only when we do that can we truly spread the Fa from the point of view of the Fa. If we still think about “saying human words when we talk to humans,?Ethen what have we truly accomplished when we go out to spread the Fa? Through our individual personal cultivations, Dafa practitioners have risen as a whole and demonstrated the mighty power of the Buddha Fa in the human world. We are using the speech and actions of enlightened beings to embody Dafa. Why should we not create a “fair and just environment?Efor the people of future? At such a late stage as today, if you still cannot see everything clearly and see yourselves for who you really are, if you still use “the way that human minds operate?Eand “conforming to things that are human?Eto validate the Fa, where have you placed yourself? How could an enlightened being have even a trace remnant of humanness?

Dafa cultivators live in more than 40 countries on Earth. We live in different societies with different political systems. We differ in social status and in our jobs. But if we could use righteous thoughts to deal with every single thing around us at every single moment of everyday, then our work, study and living environments would naturally improve. “The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities.?E We need to see ourselves for who we really are, and treasure ourselves for the beings we have cultivated ourselves into. The Buddha Fa has created everything that we are. We need to cherish everything, including every single opportunity that the Buddha Fa has given us. We need to demonstrate the mighty power of the Fa to everyone around us, whether they are supporters or detractors, through our righteous thoughts and deeds, and give each kind-hearted person an opportunity to acquire this precious gift for which he has been waiting for tens of thousands of years. “Making a wish to save sentient beings, assisting Teacher in the Human World.?E “The righteous thoughts of every single practitioner are powerful.?Ep>The above are my personal understandings. I ask for comments and corrections from generous fellow practitioners

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