Understanding the Significance of Getting Involved in Promoting the Divine Performing Arts Shows: Some Parallels from a Children’s Story

Sophia, A Dafa Practitioner in North America

PureInsight | February 8, 2009


[PureInsight.org] Is everyone involved in this? Does every practitioner have a full understanding of the Shen Yun (Divine Performing Arts) shows? Master has told us, if I recall correctly, that how well the show does is a direct reflection of every single practitioners’ cultivation. My understanding is that everyone has to understand the significance of this show and put their full heart into working on and promoting it. Do we know any that don't understand? I had one such person in my life and worked hard to help him enlighten.... Anyway, I wrote the following about a children's story that might help encourage some practitioners not yet involved. Even though it is not Fa, the story has parallels that perhaps can help someone help someone... The story follows.

When my daughter was little, she and I especially liked to read a Dr. Seuss book entitled Horton Hears a Who! (1954). The hero is a blue elephant named Horton. One hot day as he is dozing in the jungle, he thinks he hears something coming from a speck of dust on a clover. He soon discovers that the sound is actually voices coming from a miniature city that is on that speck of dust. This was my first encounter with quantum physics and I (and my daughter) were intrigued. A city on a speck of dust?

Horton Hears A Who!
By Dr. Seuss, 1954 (picture from Wikipedia)

Horton believes what he hears and comes to understand that this city (called “Whoville”) is in trouble, and Horton has to do his best to protect the city. Of course, none of the animals in the jungle believe Horton, and he becomes the laughing stock of the jungle. So does the mayor of the city of Whoville on the speck of dust who is communicating with ‘an elephant in the sky’?

A certain kangaroo decides that she has to take this matter into her own hands and save Horton from his own insanity, so she hires an evil eagle to take the clover (on which resides the speck of dust) and fly far away with it…. Horton’s will is indomitable and he runs after the eagle, following it day and night…. The eagle takes it to a clover patch that is 100 miles wide and deep and drops it in. This doesn’t stop Horton who begins his job and starts to talk to each clover until he finds the one with the city on it. And of course eventually he finds it. The Mayor tells him that Whoville was in a lot of chaos during the ride in the eagles’ beak replete with hurricane winds, earthquakes, etc.

Horton takes the clover back to the jungle and Mama Kangaroo is so furious that she orders the ‘mob’ to build a cage for Horton after which they will take the dust speck and boil it in oil. So, while Horton is doing everything in this dimension to stop their impending doom. The Mayor of Whoville is doing everything he can to warn the people of the impending calamity. Together they decide that everyone in Whoville has to make the loudest noise they can in order for the animals in the jungle to be able to hear them. So they all beat drums, yell and scream, and basically do everything they possibly can to get the big beings in the other dimension to hear them. But to no avail!

Horton tells the miniature mayor, “Not everyone is working for the cause–your lives are at stake–you have to find the ones that are not contributing!” The mayor replies that everyone is working, everyone is putting their hearts into this…. Horton says that this must not be true, that if everyone had their whole hearts in this endeavor, that if everyone fully understood their fate, that only then would they be able to break through. “Find them!” he yells frantically as the animals get ready to boil the speck of dust. The mayor rushes through the village from house to house and finally finds a little boy playing with a yo-yo. He grabs him and takes him to the town square and lifts him up into the air. The boy adds his small voice to the others, and at that instant their voices break through to the animals in the jungle. The day is saved and they all live ‘happily ever after.’

Perhaps, by now, the parallels of this story and our story are obvious. According to my understanding, Master has told us that everyone has to be involved in this project of promoting the Divine Performing Arts shows, that how a well a city does or does not do is a complete reflection of each and every one of us in that area and how well we have or haven’t put our whole hearts into this project. Therefore, we need to find those who do not understand this and help them to get it.

There are practitioners I know who are working on other projects but don’t seem to understand that this is a project we all need to put our effort into right now! We need to help our fellow practitioners to awaken to this as soon as possible.

This is only my personal understanding. Please correct me if I am not on Fa.

Thanks, Sophia

January 2009


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