The Vineyard and Classical Music

Chen Si

PureInsight | October 26, 2009

[] In this kaleidoscopic world, nothing is too strange. All things are sentient beings, and they are everywhere. A being is constructed of both good and bad factors; positive factors coexist with negative ones. You need to constantly promote goodness and restrain evil, to choose the positive and weed out the negative. In the whole course of one’s life, one faces the challenge of making critical choices at any time and any place.

In this human world, people lead interesting lives within their own cognitive scope; whether it is a spiritual life or a material life, no matter how strange it is, there are choices. However, nowadays virtue is collapsing, and people throw away spiritual obligations that gods prescribed for people. They do whatever they want. They put themselves first and regard their interests as the top priority. They confuse the distinction between good and evil, right and wrong, and they turn things upside down. Very often they choose to walk the middle line and the gray area, ready to jump to whichever side they think they could most benefit from. People are so obsessed with money that they wrack their brains to think of ways to benefit themselves at the expense of others.

However, this way of life is absolutely not acknowledged by gods because the whole universe from top to bottom is righteous and good, while those negative and evil factors only play a role in balancing lives and wouldn’t play the fundamental role. Thus evil can never prevail over good. Every being’s choice will affect that being’s whole life. One righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils. The right choice will be blessed and protected by the gods. In the eyes of gods, this is so sharply divided that one must not be careless. It is impossible that one can sit on the fence or be on both sides. It is like saying that the number one is the number one and the number two is the number two.

A recent popular topic is news from Italy: a winegrower played classical music, such as Mozart, Haydn, Vivaldi, Mahler, etc, in the vineyard for a long time. As a result, he found the grapes that “listened” to the music were abundant and big. Moreover, there were less insect pests on them. So what does this tell us?

We all know that the classical music developed vigorously two centuries ago in Western countries, and it can be said that it is bestowed to humans by gods. It is also one of the best forms of music in this period of human civilization and it is the peak of Western music. Classical music is universally acknowledged as the most harmonious music. Since classical music is bestowed by gods, it can have a positive effect to purify and transform beings benevolently. Whichever being chooses it, accepts it and owns it, that being will be acknowledged and praised by gods on this aspect.

So the winegrower chose it and the grapes accepted it. The lives of the grapes were not always grapes over their many lifetimes. Who knows what could happen in the six-fold path of reincarnation. Both beings chose what gods acknowledged. They made a correct choice, which is righteous and good. Therefore, they got reinforcement from the gods: the fruit was big with few pests, and the products were in great demand and thus their income increased.

The well-known Japanese water crystal experiments also illustrate this: good music or words can have a positive effect on humans, plants, animals and even matter because that’s a correct choice. It was reported that in order to ward off locusts, people in a small town in Nevada found their most powerful weapon was to play rock-and-roll music around the desert in fixed intervals.

In fact, the logic is the same: rock-and-roll music drives people to be indulgent without control, which stirs the negative side of human nature to manifest demonic nature: such as yelling, screaming, acting disorderly or unconscionably, etc. According to the report, the heavy metal music indeed stopped the locusts, which moved away from the area quickly.

Although many ancient civilizations say music can improve the harmony of the mind and the body, some civilizations say music can impact how plants grow. The ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras had opinions and theories that music could remove the negative elements and energy from inside humans. Actually, many things come out of people’s imagination. People think there must be some reasons and then do research, seek proof and collect statistics towards that direction. As a result, people themselves make things very complicated. Basically, that is not that case!

After obtaining the Fa and cultivating, you will suddenly understand everything in a clear light. It is the choice of beings, from two possible choices! Meanwhile, the answer is very clear: whatever gods acknowledge, bestow and teach is correct! So regarding the report from the vineyard, in my opinion, it is just that the vineyard owner and the grapes made the correct choice. It is just as simple as that.

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