Reflections from Dusk: The Sun Falls on the River

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | May 6, 2009


A bus coming from a long distance is traveling on a snowy road. It reaches a bridge at dusk. I am on the bus and look through the window to see a magnificent view of the sun setting on the long river.

The river banks are covered with white snow with the big red sun smiling in the sky. The sun cannot find its shadow over the snowy river banks in the winter, but it can find its shadow on the river in the summer. Nevertheless, regardless of whether it can find its shadow or not, the sun is still orbiting as it ought to. It is fulfilling its duty without being affected by any outside influences every year, month and day.

The river is the same. Since it was created by a God, the river has been offering plentiful water and raising plenty of fish. It reflects a heavenly created miracle and shows the beauty of nature. It occasionally shows flood and drought to remind people to wake up from being lost and to examine themselves when succumbing to corruption and immorality. Human nature will go back to harmony with nature when human beings achieve the level of morality that was set out by Heaven.

Human beings have gone through many dynasties one after another. They have experienced joys and sorrows in their many lifetimes. No matter what, the sun has always appeared in the sky at the correct time. The sunshine peacefully flows onto the land. The river quietly lies on the land. The river experiences the spring sunshine gently melting the ice and snow, the summer water joyfully running through, the autumn rains roughly washing through, and the winter snow and ice squeezing into its space.

The river is there without being known or bothered for thousands of years. It witnesses the sunrise and sunset. It is accompanied by the stars and clouds. The river completely understands its meaningful worth. Superior beings always appreciate the value of the river when they come across it.

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