Resident in Changwon, South Korea: “The Paintings Are So Real”

PureInsight | June 17, 2009

[] Art plays an important role in society. It calms our minds like sunlight at the end of a tunnel. Art also offers us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves.

The Truth, Compassion, Tolerance International Art Exhibition was recently held in Changwon, South Korea. Jung Eun-sook, a volunteer at the gallery said to me, “The paintings are so real; it’s as if they are speaking to us. China is an isolated country. It's refreshing to see these paintings.”

May 20th marked the opening of the exhibition. Many guests were inspired by the paintings. Huang Yuan-Zhe, Professor of Fine Arts at Changwon National University said, “The artists who practice Falun Gong create exceptional artwork. For example, in the painting, “The Orphan’s Tears,” you can feel the inner world and grief of the artist.” Other guests said that the paintings were defending world peace and human rights or were pointing out the path that humanity should take in the future.

A representative of the National Unity Association, Changwon Branch said, “The obvious message of the exhibit is that the people depicted here do not hesitate to defend their faith, even if it means giving up their lives.”

The five-day exhibition in Changwon ended May 24th.

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