Crisis and Reflection: Where Should People Go?

A Dafa Practitioner in the USA

PureInsight | April 20, 2009

[] I live in the USA. I’ve been very busy with my work and life. I never paid attention to the economy, which had little or no impact on me. People around me, myself included, were living a peaceful and stable life until the global financial crisis swept across the land last year. Since then, I’ve seen more and more negative impacts on people and worries in the real estate market and in society.

I saw on TV yesterday that the U.S. stock market indexes dropped to their equivalent of the levels of 1997. They fell to the lowest levels in the past twelve years.

According to a poll, the number of people who are worried about losing their jobs has climbed to 47%, compared with 38% last year.

Besides worrying, people are thinking, “What is the solution to the current crisis?”

Let’s recall what has happened in history that can give us some indications. Heavenly principles have determined that human beings are rewarded based on their good or bad deeds. People will be rewarded with good fortune and prosperity on account of their good deeds, while they will suffer hardships as a result of their bad deeds.

In 1620, over one hundred Christian pilgrims who had been persecuted for their religious beliefs fled to America in sailing ships. After arriving, they were fortunate enough to receive help from the Native Americans who helped them survive the cold winter and taught them how to cultivate crops. They farmed the land and harvested their crops. As a result, these Christian pilgrims survived and settled down. People began to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in order to thank God for blessing them. Many years later, U.S. President Lincoln legally declared the holiday of Thanksgiving Day in America. Lincoln is one of the most respected U.S. Presidents in history. He abolished slavery and maintained freedom and peace for the American people.

Talking about the USA, people are not only impressed by its wealth and prosperity, but also by its freedom and noble ideals. American people are very lucky because they have more chances and spaces of freedom and personal development.

Their blessings and prosperity came as a result of their good deeds after believing in God. Because of these factors, the American people like to help other people and step in to defend justice and resolve many injustices in the world.

However, what has changed in the world nowadays? Many countries have encountered complicated problems. People have become lost and cannot find their traditional values and principles. They are puzzled about their future.

Are there any traditional values still existing in this world? What is the hope for human beings?

It’s easy to find the answer to the above question if people have seen Shen Yun Performing Arts. People can tell through the performance what is the most precious thing in this world.

Good deeds will bring human beings good fortune and bad deeds will bring human beings hardship. Any country that respects justice should stand up to defend kindness when seeing evil deeds and persecution. Evil should not be given free reign.

According to the heavenly principles, people cannot demand blessings from Heaven, but rather, they can receive blessings from Heaven for their good deeds.

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