Smiling in the Human World

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | December 27, 2009

[] During life’s journey, we sometimes encounter many setbacks and difficulties. Some people feel painful, puzzled, or even sad. Some feel lost and cannot get out of the situation for a long time.

When calming down, we may ask ourselves: why do we have to handle these difficulties in this way? A friend of mine once said that everything occurs with a predestined relationship behind it. This is indeed the truth.

Everything is caused by predestined relationship. Therefore, we do not need to worry too much about the results of everyday matters. In addition, many wise people realize this world is a place of illusion and an environment provided by gods to help people pay karmic debts. Only after paying off the debts owed throughout the reincarnation process could one return to their original home, a much better place. From this perspective, it is not necessarily a bad thing for one to suffer and encounter undesirable incidents in life.

When experiencing something negative, if we can look within and treat it as an opportunity to get rid of shortcomings, then we will become more and more mature. Then that incident will not have happened in vain.

In fact, we can always handle things in a simple way if we use our ability and wisdom. In his article, a cultivator wrote, “Simplicity is a type of wisdom.” In my opinion, simplicity is not only a type of wisdom but also a manifestation of one’s ability and realm. Whenever encountering something, if we are clear on what to cherish and what to give up, then we will be able to handle things with compassion, instead of being emotional. In this way, things will be handled well.

From another perspective, suppose something negative happens that causes us pain; we should take this as an opportunity to improve ourselves even more so. Only then can we make the best use of the opportunity and walk our path well in the future.

If one can remain undisturbed by the external environment, then they are indeed in a very lofty realm. Because of this, they can focus on the things they intend to do and remain clearheaded.

When one lives in the earthly world but his mind is beyond it, life will be perceived differently. When suffering and tribulations come, they may appear formidable. However, when looking back after passing them, we may find they were in fact rather trivial.

Therefore, regardless of what pain and difficulty one encounters, we should maintain a positive and uplifting attitude. When this is achieved, we will become mature with a heart full of hope and light instead of feeling sorrow and pain, and it will lead to a fundamental change in one’s understanding of life. One will truly understand what happiness is and recognize the importance of having a mind of compassion. For others to trust and forgive us, we have to trust and forgive others first.

When we live like this, we will have young hearts and carry ourselves with a smile in the human world.

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