My Cultivation Experience Using the BBS Forum to Clarify the Truth

A practitioner from Toronto

PureInsight | June 2, 2009

Experience sharing from the 2009 Canada Fa Conference


What “Cooperation” Really Means

Before the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) came to Toronto for their performances, in order for more Chinese nationals in Toronto to learn about the beauty of the DPA performances and not to miss this opportunity, some local practitioners propagated the DPA information and feedback from previous audiences on the local Chinese BBS forum.

At that time, we found that as compared to a single person logging in to the forum, multiple practitioners can get on the forum and together can form a relatively positive field. By doing so, our postings can stay on the forum longer and they are also more striking in their variety, interest and characteristics. In the face of some malicious attacks, we are stronger in resisting them together because if one practitioner cannot provide an answer, others will manage to answer it; if one practitioner does not have sufficient time and energy to clarify the truth, others will come to help by searching for the related materials in support of the truth clarification. When our contending mentality looms, we remind each other to maintain a cultivator’s realm of thought when conducting online truth clarification like this to ordinary people. One time a very mean posting appeared on the forum and attacked Dafa, and this posting assumed the format of edited images. We informed each other of this situation and sent forth righteous thoughts as a whole. In the meantime, we reported this to the forum moderator, indicating that this was a serious personal insult. As a result, this bad posting was soon deleted.

After the DPA performances in Toronto, we continued to post various related news and commentaries on the Chinese BBS forum. At the beginning, I was not quite used to it, because the truth clarification topics our fellow practitioners posted were oftentimes something unfamiliar to me or something I am not keen on. I did not quite understand their meaning even after reading them, so I was a bit lost as for how to continue to cooperate with other practitioners. At the end, I chose not to cooperate. As time went by, I found that everybody did not seem to help anymore, and the group became loosely connected. The truth clarification postings from each of us seemed to attract fewer readers.

I knew that such a situation was not quite right. At one time, the topic a practitioner posted was about the anti-Japanese war in China. I lost interest in the topic again, because I never did like the topic of battle. Nevertheless, this time I persisted in reading the entire article. After reading it, I found that the article revealed the true facts about the CCP, not fighting the Japanese. This motivated me to conduct an online search for related articles, and as a result, my knowledge on this topic became consolidated. I realized that I cannot do things based only on my prior interests. I also realized that putting me in touch with the topics that I was not fond of is in fact to strengthen my weaknesses.

From this incident, I discovered my own problem, that is, in the past, I loved to come up with my own topics, so that other people would use my topics for discussion, because this would make me feel “cool.” However, I realized that if everybody thinks this way, there will be a lack of incentives for, or a mechanism of, cooperation. In reality, there were fewer people coming to discuss things with me. I then changed the way I did things. Besides posting truth clarification topics that I was interested in, I also tried my best to study the topics fellow practitioners had posted. After I tried my best to think about how to cooperate with fellow practitioners in this truth clarification, I found that my feeling that the truth clarification topics of fellow practitioners’ were difficult to cooperate with, was in fact rooted in my laziness. I realized that when a fellow practitioner developed a topic, it is just like this practitioner giving out a problem to solve, and I would solve it or continue to expand it. I realized that any topic could in fact be turned into a lead for my own writing, so that more and more truth clarification materials could be produced. Understanding this, I began to treasure various opportunities for truth clarification.

How to Develop a Stable Mindset

At one time, after we told the story of Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng being persecuted, some Internet spies of the CCP made indifferent remarks to this case. This reminded me of an article in the Chinese Epoch Times, which mentioned that people completely lost hope in the CCP after they understood how the CCP persecutes Falun Gong. I thought that if we persisted in posting the persecution stories of lawyer Gao and his family and let online readers learn about the true facts, as well as the reactions from those Internet spies, these online readers would then be completely disappointed by the CCP. The CCP’s suppression of Falun Gong has conversely been helping Falun Gong to promulgate, which should also be the case on the BBS forum. No matter how the CCP acts, it will push itself to its doom. Therefore, as long as we do things according to the requirements of the Fa and develop a stable xinxing, we will be able to find related truth clarification materials for the readers on the BBS forum. It will suffice as long as we cherish a mentality of serving the readers and providing them with information.

With such a mindset, we will be able to maintain patience, sensitivity and quality towards clarifying the truth, while not being able to be stirred by the remarks from those Internet spies. In this way, our mindset is not that of ordinary people, but they will be able to tell the practicality of our remarks. As a result, we will be close to them.

Clarifying the Truth Diligently

Gradually, I began to feel that clarifying the truth at the Chinese forum, if we are to do it very diligently, would not be as easy as chatting with others, but rather, it would be as in-depth as doing some academic research. When others began to swear at you, you were not in front of a person who made you angry, but rather, a search target. This research target was created under the CCP culture. You should not get angry with them, but rather, during your discussion, clarify the truth to as many audience members in the forum as possible, make them realize what the cause of these kinds of deviated thoughts is. You have to try to make people understand this thoroughly. The more thorough and in-depth you explain things to your audience, the more they will gain. In addition, you have to try your best to conform to ordinary people’s logic, so that they can accept the truth more easily.

Another time, the evil posted a very evil defamation of Dafa. Even though I understand that I should not open some evil posts like this one, the title was rather vicious and seriously defamed and attacked practitioners. So I clarified to them how great our practitioners are. Later, I thought, we should not let content of this nature exist on this website. I then requested that the administrator delete this posting.

However, the owner did not do it. After discussing with other practitioners, I decided to disclose the base and defaming means of the evil people. In clarifying the truth to them, I said that the first evil strategy that Jiang adopted in persecuting Falun Gong was “defaming practitioners.” I also posted the words: “Please take a look at the means that the CCP has been adopting.” In addition, I extracted a paragraph from the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and I also posted the website link to the Nine Commentaries.

Soon enough, this evil posting was removed. I came to realize that: These words that attacked practitioners’ character seemed hard to deal with, but in reality, it was not that hard, since, when people see something, they will automatically think about it. It then lets them think about the Nine Commentaries and think about the true face of the CCP. However, this is probably what the CCP fears most. It is not afraid of victims being outrageous, nor defending themselves, what it’s truly afraid of is that people see through its nature of being an evil specter. Therefore, when I began to talk about the content in the Nine Commentaries and the website for quitting the CCP, I let go of my fear that people would see this evil posting. Then the evil posting was deleted as a result.

Cultivating While Clarifying the Truth in the Forum

I also enlightened to the fact that when clarifying the truth, I should not have attachments to pursuit nor zealotry. Therefore, I should not slack off in my day-to-day cultivation, and I should fulfill my duties in society well.

Of course, in terms of studying the Fa and doing the exercises, I should not slack off either. Otherwise, my cultivation state will not be optimal, and the methods I use will not work well, or I will lack ideas, or my computer will have more and more problems. Sometimes my computer would freeze up, and I also needed to send forth righteous thoughts to help me with posting messages to the websites.

I have also realized that when I kept up with Fa-study and doing the exercises, it happens that an automatic mechanism reminds me to do things. Sometimes, I even surprised myself that I could say this or that. So, I came to be enlightened that it all comes down to my need to continue to cultivate myself. Then when others talk to me, I continuously recognize that their words sound like Party culture, and even my own thoughts are like that. In order to distinguish this, my heart must be stronger so that I can clean up people’s minds, and then I am more motivated to distinguish the Party’s culture when doing things.

When I was clarifying the truth at the forums, I often read two books, which were the Nine Commentaries and Disintegrating the Communist Party Culture. It felt as if they were open books, so I read them very often. I often find that as long as I am sincere enough, I can easily find the relevant content, then I can refer to what’s said in the book, think about it and come up with proper ways and words to answer people’s questions. Sometimes only having theories is not good enough, I also need to search the Internet and look for relevant material in order to prove what I said. Even though there is a lot of effort involved, I truly feel that as long as I am able to clarify a little bit more on the theories, or correct a little bit more of others’ ways of thinking, my efforts are not in vain.

Sometimes I find that I not only have to correct the Party culture way of thinking in other people’s postings, but also have to correct it in myself, so that I have correct answers. Therefore, I thought, it’s not good enough for me to just sit there and think about how to reply to their postings. Moreover, I have to carefully read those two books. Because if I’m still polluted by the Party’s culture, how can I clean others? I’m still in the mud! Every day, I feel that I don’t have any Party culture left, and every day for the sake of clarifying the truth, I am “forced” to read these two books, and then I discover the residuals in my mind. Therefore, I thought that I should not think too highly of myself, I should not deem myself to be somebody special, because my feelings account for naught. I need to keep improving myself in my cultivation.

I also feel that, in order for us to expose the CCP, it was just like battles between gods and demons. The ideology of the CCP is extremely misleading. In order to get out of it, as well as lead ordinary people out of it, one should not have any human thoughts or ordinary people’s sentimentality, and one should treat oneself as a practitioner at all times. One should also have superior xinxing. Only then can one have superior abilities and expose the true face of the evil specter, who is then in the spotlight.

One time, when I was dealing with ordinary people’s things, I was very attached to certain ways or principles of ordinary people and how they deal with things, but the outcome turned out to be ironic enough. It made me see that when I stick to those principles firmly, I fall into a dilemma. One time, when I was reading the book about disintegrating the CCP’s culture, I saw that there were many great scientists who are religious people. I thought that science was also passed on to us by gods. Taking it a step further, some modern ways of dealing with things, no matter how delicate they are, form a technique, which is inspired by gods, and there is no way that it could replace gods. Therefore, if I was still very attached to those techniques, it is as if I were to worship them and place them in the highest position, as if they were the guaranteed way of doing everything. Then it’s certainly not going to work. Having said that, one should also do well on the ordinary people’s level. I think that on neither of these two sides should we go extremes, so that we can keep doing things well.

Everyone needs to spare some time for truth-clarification, as it is something that needs to be done. For me, one of the ways of clarifying the truth is the forum. I should not stop doing it because I am being interfered with, which requires that I remain calm and rational in my day-to-day life. When I am under a lot of pressure, and still can find the time to clarify the truth at the forum, I feel as if the pressure has disappeared, and it also helps to relieve the pressure from my daily life. I figure this is due to truth-clarification and the evil in other dimensions has been cleaned up.

After a while, I felt that clarifying the truth at the forum was truly an ordinary thing, and it was hard to feel its significance. I also feel that this is another kind of test. It’s so ordinary that it feels a little bit lonely. It makes for an easy life and can help one forget about everything else. It makes you feel that nothing is obvious, and one has to rely on one’s strong judgment, which is more important, in order to see through the meaning of things and hold on to what one is doing and make an effort. This is such a long-term test.

The above is only my recent understanding. If I said anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out.


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