A Predestined Relationship with Heaven: Coming Down to the Human World Together

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | June 10, 2009

[PureInsight.org] In our life, we meet all sorts of friends. Among my friends is a couple that has been married for several years. They have a boy who is shy. Whenever someone comes to visit them, the boy is always in the outer room. He sweeps the floor or cleans the table; he always seems to be busy doing something. Their daughter is an adolescent who also doesn’t talk much. However, she gives people a feeling of trustworthiness. I like her naïve personality, so I have cultivated a friendship with her.

For two years, I have known the story of the predestined relationship of the brother and sister, but did not want to share it until now. Today, I write their story.

In a far away universe, there is a very splendid world. It is the world of a phoenix. The Fa King there had the image of a female phoenix. Her image was the most beautiful and sacred thing in that world. She also had a boy in the image of a child. For many years the boy could be seen always accompanying the Fa King.

Later, the Fa King found that her world had become less pure. She decided to leave, accompanied by the boy, in search of the Great Law that could save the sentient beings in her world. The sentient beings there bade her goodbye and greatly anticipated her return.

The two passed through many levels, searching for the Great Law. But despite their combined wisdom and divine capabilities, they did not know how to find the Great Law that would solve the deviation and corruption of sentient beings throughout the universe.

They met many deities and asked them about such a Law, but no one had heard about It. They endured much hardship. When they were about to give up all hope, they met a deity who used his supernormal abilities to help them go to higher levels to search for It. They arrived at an extraordinarily magnificent main hall where lanterns hung around the doorway. One of the lanterns dropped to the Fa King’s feet. It split open by itself and there inside was a scroll of silk. The boy picked it up and spread it open before the phoenix Fa King.

The scroll read roughly, “Sentient beings and all matter have deviated and become corrupt. These problems can only be corrected at the lowest level – the human world. Anyone who is willing to assimilate to the Great Law, Dafa, can go there. But the human world is very deviated and corrupt. To guide you, there will be a round object and a flower that will act as a sign. When you see the sign, you will know what to do to save sentient beings.” Upon reading this, the Fa King and the boy decided to go down to the human world in order to save all sentient beings.

They continued down toward the human world. On the way, they met Teacher and many enlightened beings of the cosmos who had also vowed to save sentient beings.

The Fa King and the boy went through many reincarnations and suffered much hardship in order to obtain the Fa in this lifetime. In the end, they had the good fortune of obtaining the Fa and becoming Dafa disciples during the Fa rectification period.

Fellow practitioners, let us cherish this hard-to-come-by opportunity.

In this lifetime, the Fa King is the adolescent girl and her boy is her younger brother. With all his heart, the boy strives to treat her well and care for her. This is their story here in the human world.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/5/25/59739.html

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