2009 Future Science and Culture Articles: “Future Science and Culture”

Wu Fa (Qin Huang Dao)

PureInsight | February 1, 2010

[PureInsight.org] When I saw a notice calling for articles about future science and culture, I wanted to participate. I felt that it was important to participate, regardless of if my article would be published or not.

Regarding “future science and culture,” I remember that in “Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting,” Master said, “the first idea that’s accepted tends to stick. Once a person accepts a certain idea, he will then evaluate whatever comes afterward in light of it.” This is a human weakness. It is also an obstacle in the way of humans achieving more advanced science.

From the perspective of economics

With the policy of reformation and opening up, a small portion of Chinese in Mainland China became rich quickly. China transitioned into a market economy while, at the same time, it imported Western culture. There is development occurring in all fields. It seems China is progressing to a point where its citizens are fairly well-off. Actually, human beings do not know that the development of the economy and the progress of science follow the laws of the universe and the evolution of the cosmic phenomena. They are also unaware that higher-level beings are actually managing the human society.

We all know that the current economic crisis is global and impacts the entire human society. But why is it that some countries and businessmen did not encounter this crisis? It is because they believe in gods, and they don’t attend certain activities hosted by atheist countries. For example, the Prime Minister of Canada didn’t accept an invitation to the Olympic Games from an atheist country. There are also some corporations with large and small businesses that weren’t negatively impacted by the economic crisis. They know the truth [about Falun Dafa] and believe in human rights, and that belief is innocent. As a result, Gods protect them. Not only did they not lose money but they will also have a bright future.

The process of Fa-Rectification has come to the end of the end. All sentient beings in the human world need to know that Falun Dafa is good and that they should quit Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Then, Dafa (The Great Law) will protect those beings at every moment and give them blessings in the human world. To a country,

“When a king comes to know its principles
Stability is brought to the country,
well is it governed
Peace reigns
And the era is one of prosperity
When sovereigns and ministers are upright
Good fortune extends for generations
People feel safe and settled
Year after year the crops are plentiful”
(Hong Yin Vol. II, “Dafa’s Journey”).

To the people of the world,

“Generously blessed is the common man
who learns even its most basic meaning”
(Hong Yin Vol. II, “Dafa’s Journey”).

They will excel in virtue. As a result, everything will turn out as they hope and they will be prosperous both in family and in what they pursue.

From the perspective of science

Speaking of science, we all know that it has brought disasters that human beings will never be able to solve. For example, the air has become so polluted that it is impossible to restore it back to the degree of purity it once was. Water has been so contaminated that there’s no way for human beings to purify it to its’ purest degree, no matter how advanced the technology is that they use. Humans breathe such air and drink such water. If it progresses like this, people’s limbs will become deformed. Let’s take another example. Today’s computers store and process data, analyze results, and make decisions. Is or isn’t this wonderful? If it progresses like this, humans will listen to computers 100% and computers will then control people. The more intelligent the computers become, the more tightly the computers will control people. In the end, people would be destroyed by their own desires. Moreover, much of modern science has been manipulated by aliens in other dimensions. The development of mankind was planned to have a beginning as well as an end. This is a law [of the universe].

However, when Dafa is spread in the human world, it will change the structure of people’s thinking and their old notions. People will assimilate to Dafa and return to their original nature.

Future culture

In the future, research on science and culture will directly target things such as the human body, life, and the universe. Researchers will all believe in the existence of Buddhas, Daos and Gods. They will know that what Dafa disciples have said is true. They will believe that “good is rewarded with good, and evil meets with retribution.” Those who don’t believe the truth, or don’t quit the CCP, or don’t agree that Falun Dafa is good, or those atheists will die in a plague [or some other catastrophe]. The chief evil thing will be burned in brimstone and fire, paying for the crimes it has committed against Dafa and Dafa disciples, until it is reduced to ashes. The chief evil committed monstrous crimes against the universe. In order to leave a profound lesson to the human beings, Master may reveal to people the scenes in other dimensions, where the chief evil suffers all kinds of torments in every dimension until it goes down into the gate of no-life. When people see this, they will all thank Dafa, thank Master for his benevolent salvation, and thank Dafa disciples for saving their lives.

At the moment [the Fa rectification reaches the human world], the sky will exhibit many different colors and beautiful things. It will be really wonderful. Master will take all his disciples up into the sky. Even the things held by Dafa disciples will rise up with them. Some disciples will ride immortal cranes; some will ride on heavenly vehicles; some will fly, etc. All kinds of transportation methods will manifest in the sky. Each Dafa disciple will have a benevolent and majestic look. When people see this magnificent spectacle, they won’t want to blink so as to avoid missing a single scene. After a while, Dafa disciples’ clothes and adornments will change completely. They will all look young, some like children. The things they carry will immediately become Fa implements. Those Fa implements will fly and spin in the sky and transform into various shining treasures emitting very colorful lights. When Dafa disciples reach out their hands, their Fa implements will become small and fly back to their hands. Then, in the upper part of the sky, Master will do the Big Lotus Flower Hand Sign to Dafa discples. Dafa disciples will all understand. Immediately, they will return to their original cosmic bodies. They will greet their relatives and families that they haven’t seen for a long time. They will each take charge of their own cosmos and tell the living beings in their cosmos their cultivation stories. They will talk about all the innumerable hardships they endured in the human world in order to save sentient beings. Cosmic beings will be moved to tears.

People in the human world will be profoundly shocked by what they see. After they calm down, they will pass on the message [of what they witnessed] and celebrate the [occasion of] Dafa disciples reaching consummation and returning to their rightful positions. While they shout with joy, they will see all the things around them become beautiful and pure. These will be the things that were used by Dafa disciples during their validating the Fa. People in every profession and trade will work hard and treasure the culture Dafa disciples have left. They will also record these events in history books so that generation after generation will remember all that they have was saved by Dafa disciples. Before they start to work on something, people in all professions will take the time to empty their minds, regulate their breathing, and sit in meditation. As this will be the state throughout society, people will treasure the glory, which was hard won.

Heaven and mankind harmonize together

“The purpose of creating human beings was to allow lives that come from high levels to be saved when Fa-rectification takes place. What’s more, mankind will become a level that is truly indispensable to the future cosmos, and will thus be connected to the overall cosmos” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference”). Of course, the future human world will still be the lowest level in the universe. Countries will thrive, people will excel in virtue, everyone will consider others first before doing anything, and everyone will be unselfish. People will all protect nature and everyone will venerate gods. As such, they will be protected by gods. Gods are benevolent to sentient beings. They will give the best things to human beings. Every year, there will be good weather for the crops. As a result, people will have good harvests. Without the wicked CCP, it is certain that people will be sincere, kind, humble and forbearing. People in all professions will prosper.

Human beings will be able to cultivate to higher levels. People will be rewarded by gods for their good deeds and will be punished for their wrong-doings. This is an absolute law in the universe.

What I have just written are some brief outlines [on these topics]. Please kindly point out anything that is not in line with the Fa.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/10/4/61857.html

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