Cultivation Experience: Break Through Tribulations With Righteous Thoughts

A Dafa practitioner outside of China

PureInsight | October 26, 2009

[] Since my parents-in-law came to visit me, they did not quite understand my practicing of Falun Gong. This has lasted for several months. Today, they complained about it again. This made me take it seriously—such a long time has passed, so why is the situation still like this?

When looking back at these several months, I realized that the various situations around me were actually a reflection of my own cultivation state. Why were my parents-in-law still like this? Why could I not effectively clarify the truth and validate the Fa at my workplace or in my daily life?

Through Fa-study we know that an everyday person is very weak in front of a practitioner, and many of their behaviors are the result of manipulation by bad elements. Why could I not suppress and eliminate these elements so that people could truly be saved? The fundamental reason is that I have not been able to do well in personal cultivation. How often could I concentrate on Fa-study or doing the exercises without distraction or taking a nap? How often could I discipline myself and act as a cultivator at all times? How often could I be truly responsible for sentient beings and clarify the truth openly and aboveboard? How often could I have strong and pure righteous thoughts when sending forth righteous thoughts, including during the global times?

Therefore, the real reason is not because this person is still like this or that person is still like that at home, work, or in other circumstances. I needed to calmly ask myself: after so many years of cultivation, why haven’t I been able to do better? When could I not meet the requirements from Dafa and Teacher to truly reach the standard of an enlightened being?

Dafa is very profound and each of us are very tiny. Therefore, we cannot use what we understand or know as a standard to make judgments and limit ourselves. Instead, we should continually be enlightened through Fa-study so as to rectify our own thoughts, words, and actions. In fact, the Fa’s requirements for us are very high, and we have to meet these requirements to conform to the new cosmos.

When interacting with everyday people, very often on the surface our behaviors are similar to those of everyday people, but in our hearts we should be clear on what we are doing, our mission, and the standard we are supposed to maintain. From Fa-study we know that any element that interferes with Fa-rectification can in turn be used for truth-clarification and our own improvement. Still, we do not acknowledge their existence—since no being is worthy of interfering with the Fa-rectification.

Dafa encompasses everything. When and only when our starting point is righteous—which includes cultivating openly and aboveboard, clarifying the truth to save people, as well as sending forth righteous thoughts—are we able to eradicate interference and accomplish our mission. For example, a cultivator who is not attached to fame and interest in their workplace will not fight for good projects. Instead, they will take seriously whatever tasks are assigned to them and do them well. When achieving this, while at the same time being considerate towards coworkers without selfish thoughts, one will be able to create a good environment for truth-clarification.

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