An Ancient Story: Obey the Contract of Marriage Throughout One’s Whole Life

Zheng Nianxing

PureInsight | January 12, 2010

[] Han Yunmen, an honest person in Xiangcheng City, had a marriage contract with a girl from the family of Qi.

Soon after the contract was entered, the girl became blind in both eyes. Her parents said, “Han Yunmen is very intelligent and capable. It is not appropriate for him to marry a blind girl.” They wanted to void the contract and keep their daughter at home for the rest of her life. Han Yunmen's parents also agreed on this. However, Han Yunmen was against this idea. He said, “A contract of marriage is something one should obey throughout his whole life.” Therefore, he married the girl according to the customs at that time.

The girl's parents felt very sorry but they had no choice. So they sent a beautiful servant girl as a dowry.

Han Yunmen refused this with sadness, “It is hard for one to refrain from lust. I would rather not have this servant girl in my household so that my wife and I can have a harmonious life.”

Later, Han Yunmen was appointed as Bagong and then promoted to Jiaoyu (the highest officer in charge of education in a county).

Han Yunmen went to his new post with his wife and they had a harmonious life. People in the nearby counties all praised their honest and loyal life. As a result, in many local families, husbands and wives began to respect and care for each other more.

(A story from Gusheng in the Qing Dynasty)

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