The Open-Mindedness of a Cultivator

Qing Ning

PureInsight | February 15, 2010

[] I once admired the poet Su Shi very much because of his broad knowledge and open-mindedness. I was also touched by one of his poems, which said, “If one has open-mindedness and righteousness, he will have a positive influence far and beyond.” However, I could not understand his words, “I think there is not a single bad person in this world.” It seemed to me that no matter how open-minded a person is there are always some people that he does not like. Plus, Su Shi had many difficult times throughout his life and many people gave him a hard time.

After cultivating Falun Dafa, however, I began to understand his words. Not only did I understand that “…there is not a single bad person in this world,” I have also tried to follow the principles of Falun Dafa—that is, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The Fa (Law and Principles) requires us to be selfless and considerate of others. When having conflicts with others, we should examine ourselves first, instead of focusing on the shortcomings on other people.

When pursuing fame and self-interest in this world, few people check to see if they have done something inappropriate. They tend to complain about others and the things that are happening around them. This will cause a vicious cycle and in the end, people become numb and are in despair. All the negativity makes them depressed and they neglect to look for good things in life.

This reminds me of those Dafa practitioners who are determined in their faith and have walked a long way. In the past 10 years of persecution, they did not have complaints or negative feelings. Instead, with compassion they have kept on clarifying the truth to people. Many people cannot understand them: in front of such a brutal persecution, how can they keep a smile on their face? In fact, it is not that they didn’t feel the injustice; it is because they pay more attention to the profound Fa-principles and the wonder of cultivation. They do not worry about misunderstandings from others; instead they spend more effort on truth-clarification and saving sentient beings.

Dear friends, please discard your worries and find in your heart the true meaning of life and its wonder. The truth will bring us a different and better life.

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