What a Western Practitioner Has Seen in Other Dimensions (5)

A Western Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | April 3, 2010

[PureInsight.org] Recently, the man in another dimension who has some Chinese characters tattooed on his back showed up quite often when I was doing the sitting meditation. Every time, he wore the same outfits. He was shirtless and the tattoo on his back was a dim dark red color. Sometimes he demonstrated his martial arts with his long spear, and sometimes he would pose as if holding a bow and arrow and suddenly the bow and arrow appeared in his hands. The arrow went to wherever he wanted it to go. Once the arrow was shot, another one replaced it in position immediately. When he stopped, the bow and arrow disappeared. He was skilled in many different kinds of weapons and he excelled in martial arts.

My dragon transformed into him and then transformed back into me. It transformed faster and faster; this made it hard to tell which one was the dragon, him, or me. At that time, I felt that my flesh body was changing, and my muscles became bulletproof. Never before did I have such strong muscles. After I stopped meditating, I checked my muscles and they were as hard as iron. It seemed like I was dreaming, but it did happen.

When we had group practice yesterday, two practitioners left early to run some errands. However, when we meditated, my celestial eye saw two people in another dimension who looked like those two practitioners. They were meditating together with us. They looked like the two practitioners, but they did not have flesh bodies. There were also countless sentient beings who looked similar to those two practitioners doing the meditation with us. However, when Master’s Fashen was in the air and took the karma off each practitioner’s body, I did not see Master do it for those two practitioners. When every cell of Master’s Fashen changed to an Udumbara flower, the flowers fell behind all practitioners evenly, and immediately those flowers assembled into Master’s Fashen. The hands of Master’s Fashens emitted a lot of Faluns behind us. They took some things away and put some other things back into our bodies. They did a lot of things for us. But Master’s Fashens behind those two practitioners did not do anything for them. However, when Master did Guanding for us, he did it for those two practitioners as well. The energy was like light, and after it was poured down like liquid, the two practitioners’ bodies instantly became transparent. They changed faster than us. After that, I couldn’t see them, but I could feel that they were still there.

This was the first time I saw Master emitting high-energy matter to all the practitioners present. Previously, I only saw Master doing it for individual practitioners. We made use of the time prior to the exercises to watch Master’s 9-day Lecture. I didn’t know if that’s why Master reinforced the energy to all of us.

Due to the pain, a new western practitioner stopped the fifth exercise several minutes before the end. But Master’s Fashen didn’t stop doing Guanding for him. An elderly woman could only cross her legs loosely due to sickness karma. But when she stopped to rub her legs, Master’s Fashen still did Guanding for her.

One time, I met another new western practitioner. When he did the second exercise, he was unable to endure the pain and put down his arms several times. I saw the karma on his shoulders and arms was like black and sticky asphalt. I think in other dimensions there must be no gravity because when the karma left that practitioner’s body, it didn’t fall down but fell off in all directions. When he stopped doing the exercise, the karma stayed on his body. So I shared with him what I saw and also my understanding based on the Fa. Next time when he did the exercise, he didn’t stop in the middle and I saw the karma didn’t drip off but gushed off. So I realized sometimes it was not that we couldn’t endure, it was that we didn’t want to endure and didn’t understand why we should endure; in other words, it was not that we couldn’t do it but we didn’t want to do it. In front of a test or tribulation, if we really want to overcome it, we surely can make it, unless we don’t want to do so. Master already taught us about this in Zhuan Falun.

Master took huge amounts of karma off us and endured for us quietly. To my shock, when Master’s hands grabbed the karma, Master’s hands were bleeding immediately. But very soon they were back to normal. Master continued to perform hand signs and emit Gong to us. The Gong was even more and stronger than before Master took the karma off. Master looked kind and calm. On one hand he endured for us without compensation, and on the other hand he gave to us without compensation. In this “enduring” and “giving” done for all Dafa disciples, I saw the magnificent demeanor of the Creator.

Moreover, I finally could read clearly the Chinese characters on my and my wife’s round badges. They were in traditional Chinese and they only had one different character. I wrote them down and showed them to my wife. She said one was the Chinese character “dragon” and the other was “phoenix.”

To me, cultivating Dafa is both a pleasure and very serious. But sometimes when I don’t understand the Fa-principles and have confusion, I couldn’t save more sentient beings, which made me distressed. The rest of cultivation is all happiness.

I believe many practitioners have seen more interesting and significant things than me. For example, I once introduced Dafa to a westerner and he has now been cultivating for one year. The supernormal abilities Master opened for him were very comprehensive. What he saw was even richer and more miraculous than what I saw. He could even see something I couldn’t currently see. So, fellow practitioners, please don’t think that I have cultivated to a high level. Cultivation in Dafa is boundless.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/10/28/62287.html

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