A Sacred Karmic Relationship

A Falun Dafa disciple

PureInsight | April 25, 2010

[PureInsight.org] I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1993 and I was fortunate enough to attend Master’s lectures in Zhengzhou City from June 10 to June 18, 1994. In addition to seeing Master in person and hearing the lectures, I also witnessed many miracles of Dafa and got to hear the touching cultivation stories of fellow practitioners. Now I will share some of my experiences during the lectures to express my gratitude towards Master. I am also taking this opportunity to express my greetings to Master for the New Year.

Many practitioners have talked about the story of Master suppressing demons during his lectures in Zhengzhou City. I would also like to share about it based on my observations. It was a sunny afternoon in June, with no clouds or wind. Everyone was listening to Master’s lecture and the entire place was pure, peaceful, and compassionate. Suddenly two birds flew in from outside, chirping in an unusual tone. Some practitioners were distracted and raised their heads to watch the birds. Seeing this, Master stopped the lecture and told us a story: one evening when Sakyamuni was giving a lecture to his disciples, a big wind suddenly came and the lights went out. However, everyone was sitting in the dark and listening quietly to the lecture as if nothing had happened. Realizing our mistakes, we shifted our attention back to the lecture and once again listened attentively. After a while, the birds flew away. About 10 minutes later, however, it suddenly became cloudy with gusting wind, rain and hail. The electricity went out and it was as dark as night. Master temporarily stopped his lecture. Everyone was sitting quietly and the entire place was still pure, peaceful, and compassionate. Nobody felt surprised. Many practitioners have shared the story that afterwards Master suppressed the demons and I will not repeat it here.

There were many things like this in the class. As long as one is willing to understand, he or she will be enlightened to many Fa principles. Now I will share another story. After Master suppressed the demons, he continued giving the lecture. Then Master suddenly stopped the lecture, saying that there was not enough time left for that day and a remaining issue would be discussed on the following day. Then we began to do the exercises. I was surprised, “Why did Master say there was not enough time left for the day?” About a half an hour later, we finished doing the exercises and began to exit. When almost all the people left the place, the electricity went out again. Then I remembered Master had said earlier that not enough time was left, which probably referred to the impending loss of electricity. The words of Master, although they may have seemed casual, actually carried a lot of inner meanings and I have not fully understood some of them even up to today.

Now I would like to share a story of respecting the Fa and Master. In the first two days, the classes were held in an abandoned gym and we had to sit on the ground. Then I noticed someone, probably a new practitioner, who did not bring a mat or paper to sit on. He looked around, took a banner and sat on it. The banner read, “We Welcome Master Li Hongzhi to Come to Zhengzhou City to Give Lectures.” He was sitting on the part of Master’s name “zhi.” Seeing that, I was very sad, as if my entire body was soaked in tears. My mind was blank, except with a single thought of exchanging the newspaper I sat on with that new practitioner. I went there and even before I spoke, that new practitioner stood up and walked away. I picked up the character “zhi,” folded it well and put it in my bag. After Fa-study, I saw another character of Master’s name, but could not find the third character. I had two experiences like this in the past where it felt like my entire body was soaked in tears. The second time was one day when I saw four words on a key chain, “salvation for everyone in the compassionate voyage.” At that moment, my only thought was of following Master to save sentient beings. Many years have passed since then and I have not shared this story with anyone. I am sharing it today because, as I continue to improve during my cultivation, I strongly feel that respecting the Fa and Master plays a critical role in my walking well on the stormy journey.

Finally, I also want to share something that I regretted. In the class, Master asked each of us to turn in a summary of understandings at the end of the class, but I did not. Now as I continue my Fa-study, I have understood more and more the inner meaning of Dafa and realize that many things Master asked us to do are very meaningful. That is why I regret missing the opportunity of turning in a summary report, and not following the words of Master. I hope my sharing article today can serve as a summary of my understandings although it arrives late. Here I also hope that all fellow practitioners can do well during the final steps of the Fa-rectification period by having faith in the Fa and Master, as well as doing the three things well. If we miss this opportunity, it is not just regret in life but ever-lasting remorse.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/2/23/64500.html

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