The Compassion of a Cultivator

Fa Zhongchen

PureInsight | April 25, 2010

[] Speaking of compassion, one may think of helping someone financially or making donations to charity organizations, or one may think of greeting or smiling at other people to show kindness. These however, are not true compassion that lasts forever. Transient as clouds, these behaviors may vary depending on one’s own mood or surrounding environment. This is because both Buddha nature and demonic nature coexist inside a person. When demonic nature is activated and expanded, one will have vicious behaviors. In contrast, when a genuine practitioner is cultivating himself, he is able to remain steadfast and be fully considerate towards others by letting go of self-interest.

Throughout history, there have been many cases of persecution against faith. One day, thousands of Falun Gong practitioners were detained in a stadium. The young guards, who had been brainwashed, treated them badly and with hostility. The atmosphere in the entire stadium was intense and nervous. It began to rain at noon time. Standing still in the rain, the guards could not move and their clothes were all wet. By then, many elderly female practitioners took out their umbrellas, went up to the guards and sheltered them under their umbrellas. At the time, the entire stadium became quiet; one could only hear the rain and feel the compassionate field. Soon afterwards, the rain stopped and the sky cleared. Lies and hatred were dissolved in the true compassion of Dafa practitioners. Smiling, these young guards quietly listened to these practitioners telling their wonderful and sacred cultivation stories. Immersed in compassion, their minds were purified and uplifted…

In an underground air-raid shelter which held many Falun Gong practitioners, a guard was beating a girl brutally to make her give up her belief. A female practitioner, who was in her 50’s, came up and stood in front of the girl to protect her. Seeing this, the guard paused, but then started to beat them both. After a while, the door to the shelter opened and a young boy came down the stairs. The guard stopped, smiled and waved to the boy. The boy, about 5 or 6 years old, seemed to be very familiar with the environment. He took out a cookie from his pocket and began to eat while watching his father. After he greeted his son, the guard picked up the whip to continue beating the practitioners. The elderly practitioner pointed to the boy and called aloud to the guard, “Stop! Let the boy out!” Shocked by her voice, the guard stopped and looked at her. The practitioner continued, “This brutal place will not do anything good for your son, and you are actually poisoning his mind. As things clear out one day in the future, your son will know you used to brutally beat the most compassionate people in the world. Then, how will you face him? And, how does he face his classmates and teacher?” Looking at his son and then the practitioners, the guard dropped his whip in the end and carried his son away from the shelter. Since then, the guard, who used to be called a “killer,” changed and he did not beat people any more.

In this inhumane persecution against Falun Gong practitioners, many instances have happened like these. During the battles between right and wrong, good and evil, more and more people are awakening. Moved by true compassion from practitioners and their persistence, these people are beginning to think with their conscience. They are deciding to stay away from evil, and instead choosing to follow righteousness for a bright future.

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