The Causal Play in the World Cup

Gu Jin

PureInsight | September 14, 2010

[] Retribution played a role at this year’s World Cup soccer championships in a surprising twist of fate.

Before the semifinal between Germany and Spain in the World Cup, the prediction of the winner was already a hot topic. After the German team beat Argentina by a score of 4:0, the Germans looked so promising to win the World Cup. The German team appeared unstoppable.

However, a day before the game, a prediction from Octopus “Oracle Paul” was spread quickly. Oracle Paul chose the glass container with the Spanish flag to win. Well, an octopus’s choice might not seem like a big deal, but believe it or not, Paul’s choices were 100% correct in this World Cup. Paul’s prediction not only broke the hearts of the German soccer fans, but also the soccer experts were astonished. Several hours after Paul’s prediction was announced, the comments and articles that favored Spain started to emerge. No one dared to predict firmly which team would win. Everyone’s words were vague. Obviously, Octopus Paul made the experts lose confidence.

At the beginning of the World Cup, no one favored Germany, as its Captain Ballack was injured, putting him out of the World Cup. Half of its team members were very young. They didn’t do well in the pre-qualifying games and German fans were anxious.

However, in the first game Germany beat Australia 4:0. The whole nation jumped with joy. Although the German team was more skillful than Australia, no one expected the score to be that one-sided.

In Round 16, the German team faced England. This time the German team lost confidence. In the game, the referee made a mistake that contributed to the final result: Germany knocked out England 4:1. After the game, the English soccer fans didn’t complain too much about the mistake, but instead they complained their team hadn’t done well.

Afterwards, the gods seemed to favor Germany. In the quarterfinal game, the young German team knocked out Argentina 4:0.

By that time, the German team became everyone’s darling. It seemed unbeatable. Everyone except Octopus Paul believed Germany would win the World Cup title.

But Paul was right. In the game against the Spanish team, those young German men suddenly were unsure of themselves. They were not who they were in previous games, and in the end, the German team lost.

Suddenly the gods favored the Spanish team and they rose victorious. How could this be?

In this World Cup, the German team was exceptional. The more games they played, the more it looked like they were blessed.

Those unknown young men beat Argentina, which had many soccer superstars. When the game was over, seeing Maradona and Messi crying, their fans were broken-hearted. Maradona must have wondered why his players suddenly didn’t know how to play soccer?

Someone pointed out Maradona was being punished for another’s wrong-doing. The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, bowed to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and used her administrative power to interfere with justice, forcing the judge to quit his job who ordered the arrest of Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan for the persecution of Falun Gong.

Whoever follows the CCP to persecute Falun Gong will be punished. There is nothing to argue here. The Argentine team and Maradona fell under the curse. It wasn’t coincidental that Argentina was beaten so badly. It scored 0 in the game against the German team.

A long time ago, someone already predicted that sooner or later Spain would be blessed because the Spanish Supreme Court accepted the Falun Gong practitioners’ lawsuit accusing Jiang Zemin and other CCP top officials of committing genocide and torture in the persecution of Falun Gong. The Spanish team’s victory was assisted by the gods. Wasn’t Spain rewarded by winning the World Cup? The King and Queen of Spain came to watch the semi-final game. When the final whistle sounded, the king and his people celebrated the victory.

Germany kept monitoring the Chinese Communist Party and played a role of stopping the CCP from persecuting Falun Gong outside of China. Thus it was blessed with good luck. But why was it stopped in the middle? In this World Cup, the German team rolled out like super stars. It was said that Germany was to accomplish two missions in the World Cup: beat Argentina and make the Spanish team stand out.

The World Cup was like a play. If gods directed the play, the script had already been written in advance. Germany, Spain and Argentina co-starred in a play of “Good will be rewarded and the evil will be punished.” This was the most important episode in the play. The three teams played the leading role. Besides this, the referee’s mistake in the game between England and Germany was a play of “eventually you have to pay back what you owe.” The reason to include North Korea in the play was to let the dictator Kim look like a fool by the team being beaten 0:7.

All in all, the play had small chapters and highlights; it had comedy, tragedy, and farce in the leading and supporting roles. Octopus Paul was also in the play to remind people that everything happens for a reason. Otherwise, how could the octopus predict the winners? The result was already there, what people say wouldn’t make any difference.

The global village is like a stage, which is playing the drama of Fa rectifying the human world. It is just like what Master Li Hongzhi wrote in the poem, “Just a Play”:

Just a Play

The sky serves as curtain,
        the ground as stage.
The Cosmos moves,
        Heaven and Earth open.
Everything through the ages,
        has happened for the Fa.
Falun turns, renewing the three domains.”


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