Record of Reincarnation: Journey on the Sea

Meilan Zhuju

PureInsight | February 21, 2011

[] My friend T is a good person. One day, he asked me about his friend W. W is from Taiwan and he had helped T a lot in the past. Since both of them believe in reincarnation, T wanted to know his predestined relationship with W in the past.

I said to T that I would not tell him of his relationship with W in private. If I spoke of it, it would be published on the Internet. He agreed.

In fact, the predestined relationships between people are often very complicated and sometimes interwoven. Plus, there are many things that I do not know either. Nonetheless, the reason I want to share their story here is to tell people that a person’s spirit does not die as the person passes away; rather, the spirit will continue on in the cycle of reincarnation.

A lonely boat at sea

This happened during the Song Dynasty in Guangdong Province. Both T and W were working for a salt merchant. T was an accountant and W was a general manager, and the two got along well with each other. The merchant liked T very much and often gave him gifts or extra pay. Out of generosity, T then gave the money to his friends or poor people.

Later, a high royal officer was demoted and exiled. Since the merchant was a good friend of the officer, he was also affected and his fortune was confiscated. Many of his workers were also arrested.

Because T and W always got along well with others, someone told them about the arrest in advance. They thus ran away and went out to sea on a small boat.

After spending the night at sea, T and W did not find land. They were tired and slept in the boat. Later, the wind got stronger and capsized the boat. Right before their death, T and W held each other’s hand and said, “We hope to be brothers again in next reincarnation…”

Adventure on an island

This was in the Yuan Dynasty, both T and W were born into poor families in Guangxi Province. They liked each other very much. Their parents believed in Buddhism and often told them stories from Buddhism. With this foundation, after growing up they were kind people and considerate of others. They also paid little attention to money and fame.

Later they made a living by loading and unloading cargo for people by the sea. Once as they were unloading cargo, a strong wind came, damaging the rudder and leaving the ship floating at sea aimlessly.

Three days later, accidentally the ship landed on an island with an area of about 20 square kilometers. Stepping onto the deserted island, T and W were sad and homesick. Then, they remembered their mother’s words, “Always remember your belief in Buddhism. As long as you follow the words of the Buddha, you will have a good future.”

There were many trees on the island. Some of the fruits were edible and tasty. T and W built a cottage and continued to live on the island.

About 10 years passed, and one day as T went to the beach to see if there were any dead fish to pick up, he found an elderly lady who had fainted there. He carried the elderly lady back and W prepared some food. They treated the lady well, as if she was their mother. Five years later, one morning, the elderly lady said, “I need to leave now. You two treated me very well. I do not have anything to give you except for a book and a pair of jade bracelets. If you want to stay away from suffering and begin to cultivate, you can follow the book. During the process of cultivation, you may come across some interference and the pair of jade bracelets will protect you. Please do not damage or lose the jade bracelets.” With those words, the elderly walked towards the sea and disappeared soon afterwards.

T and W then began to read the book, as the elderly lady told them, and strictly followed the instructions. Later, they did encounter some interference. But from the book, they learned how to protect themselves with their jade bracelets. After about 20 years of cultivation, they both reached consummation. We do not need to talk about the details here.

The predestined relationships between people can be very subtle. What is the purpose of such relationships? Because of predestined relationships in the past, we can build trust between each other, and are able to meet each other in this life cycle. When some people come to know the truth or the true meaning of life, others will thus have the opportunity to know it as well. Please cherish the predestined relationships from the past and the opportunities right now. Moreover, please do not let down Falun Gong practitioners’ compassion when they clarify the truth to you.

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