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PureInsight | September 14, 2010


1) The Power of Righteous Thoughts
Author: A Chinese Dafa disciple

“You can’t harm me.” This righteous thought from the bottom of one’s heart shakes the whole universe. It had been in this Dafa disciple’s mind for over ten years. Whenever she encountered danger, this sentence resounded in her mind, “You can’t harm me. You can’t harm me.”

One day she went up to the sixth floor of a building to distribute truth clarification materials. Suddenly the door opened and a policeman jumped out, “How dare you pass out flyers at my house?” He attempted to arrest her. She stayed calm and sent powerful righteous thoughts saying in her mind, “You can’t harm me! You can’t harm me!” The policeman glared at her angrily and wanted to take out his cell phone. She and the policeman looked at each other for ten minutes. She repeated the sentence while she sent righteous thoughts. She felt it was so powerful that no one could harm her. After a while, the policeman went downstairs. The danger was gone!

In fact, when you truly understand one sentence from Master, you can change danger into safety.

2) “In fact I am not worse than others”
Author: A Chinese Dafa Disciple

One day several practitioners shared experiences. A practitioner with an ugly appearance said, “Very often when I hear a practitioner saying he doesn’t cultivate well and still has many attachments, I often think that I am not worse than others.” His words shocked us. It turned out that many practitioners had similar thoughts.

“In fact I am not worse than others.” What human attachments are hidden in this thought? Why don’t some practitioners listen to the coordinator? Why can’t some practitioners stop arguing with fellow practitioners? Why do some practitioners only pay attention to other people’s shortcomings… Isn’t it because they feel that they are “not worse than others?” Now it is time to get rid of the root of “selfishness.” Different lives and realms originate from the Fa. When you let go of the attachment of “not worse than others,” you will feel you are so small compared to the Fa. You will no longer have the thought of comparing yourself with others.

3) The “hype” when fellow practitioners share experiences
Author: A Dafa disciple

It happens very often that during experience sharings when one practitioner points out another practitioner’s shortcomings, immediately some other practitioners add comments, “Yes, he always goes to extremes even after all these years! For example…” When one practitioner mentioned a husband and a wife that both cultivated but they still had the attachment of fighting after several years, another practitioner immediately added, “Yes. I went to their home the other day and they were fighting. They are both veteran practitioners but how come they don’t know to look within? They have been staying in the same level for too long. Master must be very worried about them.”

In fact this kind of sharing is what makes Master worry more. Don’t discuss fellow practitioners’ shortcomings. Look at their good qualities. Treat fellow practitioners with righteous thoughts. Use practitioners’ shortcomings as a mirror to look within. Only in that way we can find our own shortcomings. Looking within is the key of cultivation. By commenting on others, we will fall into a bad habit that prevents us from looking within.

4) Righteous thoughts stopped the wind
Author: Wen Wu

In 2003, no one locally could provide truth clarification materials. So I used a Chinese brush to write truth clarification phrases on red paper and then posted them at night with my wife. One night we went out to do it. But it was so windy that it was hard to paste them up on the wall. Moreover, the red paper was very thin, so it got torn easily by the wind. What was I to do? I sent out a thought, “Stop the wind.” I asked my wife to send the righteous thought also. My wife did so. Several minutes later, the wind stopped and the sky was clear. The moon was bright. We finished putting up all the posters smoothly and went home safely.


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