Ahua’s Story


PureInsight | November 9, 2010



Ahua had an easy time during his childhood. Although many people did not have enough food, his family was well-to-do because his father was a village officer. One day when Ahua was eating from a bowl outdoors, two girls looked at him for a long time. They were sisters. One was older than Ahua and one was younger than him. Ahua told them to go back home and bring back two bowls. Ahua put all his meal in the older girl’s bowl. He then went inside, took another bowl of food, and gave all of it to the younger sister.

Since then, Ahua often gave food to the sisters at meal times. His parents loved Ahua very much since he was the youngest child in the family, plus he was a boy, so his parents didn’t stop him and it went on for more than a year. The grandmother of the sisters saw all of this. One day, she asked Ahua to come over and gave him a candy that he had never had before. Ahua felt very comfortable after having the candy. From then on, every day before going to sleep, he saw a white substance—like a cloud or cotton—falling down on him. That situation lasted several years. Ahua did not speak about this with other people since he thought it happened to everybody.

Later, the grandmother left the village together with the two sisters and nobody knew where they went. After cultivating Falun Dafa, Ahua knew that this white substance he saw was de.

Opposing Financial Persecution

Ahua went to appeal for Falun Dafa in 2000 and was illegally detained. After his release, the management at his workplace fired him for not writing a statement giving up the practice. He had no choice but to travel to the south and eventually found a job there. Several months later, however, his former employer rehired him. With his wife unemployed and a child to support, Ahua has been financially unstable. Nonetheless, he wanted to buy a computer to validate the Fa and clarify the truth. With that thought, his workplace suddenly had more work orders. The workers were busy every day, and sometime even continued working as they had lunch. The pay Ahua received at the end of the month was enough to buy a computer that he can use to validate the Fa. As long as a practitioner’s thought is righteous, there will be a path, since everything came here for the Fa after all.

Ahua’s daughter has grown up and will go to college next year. However, their financial situation still has not improved. One day, she told her parents that the school asked for 400 yuan. Both Ahua and his wife were worried, and they did not know what to do. Then, Ahua’s bankrupted former employer paid him 800 yuan and his wife was awarded 200 yuan for reporting a fire hazard. As we know, Master is by our side at all times to take care of us and protect us.

Through the years, the old forces have been financially persecuting Ahua and other practitioners, and it still continues to this day. There is not much time left. We should cherish this opportunity and be more diligent.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/10/24/69230.html


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