Cultivation Story: Understandings of the Constellation

Wang Haotian

PureInsight | November 30, 2010

[] I saw a scene yesterday. On the evening when the persecution ends, many people will rush to Tiananmen Square to celebrate. They then see changes in the sky. All the stars, including some well-known constellations, suddenly disappear. The remaining stars, led by a certain force, then assemble into a giant galaxy, orbiting and evolving steadily.

Looking up at the scene in the sky, many people are stunned. This giant galaxy suddenly reorganizes and transitions into a completely new display of constellations. The first constellation that shows up is Aquila, followed by lotus flowers blossoming one after another. The array of shining stars looks very wonderful. The newly arranged constellations have made up shortcomings of the previous array, and each constellation seems beautiful and harmonious.

These new constellations display how Dafa practitioners validate the Fa and highlight the paths they have been through. They are quite different from the old ones, regardless of name, pattern, source, or type. It is as if they are telling a long story, serving as a record of the process of how Dafa disciples have validated the Fa.

Looking at the constellations, I felt we Dafa disciples have been working together just like these stars. During the reorganization of the cosmos, we cooperated with each other according to the requirements of Dafa. If one still competes with others out of jealousy, his or her existence indeed appears insignificant amidst the giant array of constellations. In front of this perfect arrangement, any human notion is meaningless.

I was deeply touched and able to understand better why Master emphasizes that we Dafa disciples should cooperate well with each other seamlessly. This is indeed critical since it relates to the countless numbers of sentient beings in the cosmos. As the truth will soon reveal, any impure thought has no place in the future. The most important thing right now is, by letting go of human notions, to save more sentient beings and harmonize everything as required by Dafa.

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