Thoughts on the Sudden Death of a Fellow Practitioner

PureInsight | August 18, 2011

[] There is a practitioner in my neighboring county, already over 70 years old, and she participated in many truth-clarification projects in my region. After hearing that she had been sent to a hospital recently, I kept sending forth righteous thoughts for her. Today, I was told this elderly practitioner had passed away.

The bad news struck me hard and I felt a great sorrow. It was said that on the day of her funeral, there were strong winds and heavy rain—probably even divine beings in the heavens were mourning this loss.

There have been various opinions about this incident. Some thought she traveled around too much and did not cultivate solidly. Some attributed this to attachments that she had not yet gotten rid of. Some said she might have done something against Dafa principles, which led to this consequence, etc.

These thoughts may have had some basis. But I think that as practitioners we should focus more on looking within. After all, Dafa had saved her from cancer, a deadly disease that once nearly took her life. Moreover, she had been very diligent on the path of cultivation, whether before the persecution or after it took place. With firm faith in Master and the Fa, she risked her own life and helped other practitioners on many issues. She traveled to as many as six provinces to help others and kept doing this over the past 10 years. The hardships she encountered probably exceeded our imagination. She did these things with no pursuit of fame, and from her experiences, one could see that Dafa is extraordinary and miraculous.

In fact, even if a fellow practitioner has loopholes, the old forces are not qualified to persecute him or her. This is because their cultivation path is arranged by Master and Master will help us rectify our shortcomings, allowing us to validate the Fa and save sentient beings in the human world.

Compared to that practitioner, I am much younger. However, I often relied on others or waited for others when doing something. That is, I was often unwilling to take the initiative. In contrast, that practitioner worked very hard and shouldered many responsibilities for others. This left a loophole for the old forces to take advantage of: when many practitioners rely too much on that practitioner, the old forces can take her life so that everyone could learn this lesson.

We should stop focusing on other practitioners and stop pointing out the omissions of whoever has undesirable situations. We need to examine ourselves to determine if we have done the three things well, or if we have pushed our burden upon others. Do we have a pure heart when sending forth righteous thoughts? Do we always look within? If, when sending forth righteous thoughts for practitioners, we are able to keep a pure mind without negative thoughts, the results will be different.

In any case, we need to be truly responsible for ourselves and be responsible for saving sentient beings. Cultivation is indeed serious, and so is saving sentient beings.

I hope we can remind each other and improve together while walking the remaining path well. The above are my personal understandings, please point out anything inappropriate.

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