Believing in Master and the Fa, One Hundred Percent

Irene, A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | September 11, 2011

[] Yesterday I asked a practitioner to come and pick up some truth clarification materials at 5 PM, but it began to rain after 4 PM. It rained harder and harder. I wondered how the practitioner could come when it was raining so heavily. I begged Master to stop the rain at 5 PM., and it could continue to rain after the practitioner had picked up the materials. I then sat down and waited for the practitioner.

However, it was still raining very hard, and it seemed that it was not about to stop. I knew that I had begged Master, and the rain would stop at 5 PM. I should stop worrying about it, but the rain continued to pour down harder and harder. I could not sit still. I decided to call the practitioner; the practitioner said that she would come over right away. After I put down the phone, I saw that it was not raining so heavily. When the practitioner arrived, I felt sorry, and said "Sorry, I asked you to come over in the rain. I had begged Master to stop the rain at 5 PM, and I also knew that it would stop. However, I could not sit still. If you had come a little later, you would not get wet.” The practitioner said, "I’m fine. I asked Master too, and the rain will stop." Later, the rain completely stopped. When I looked at my watch, it had just turned five o'clock.

When the practitioner left, I looked inward. I always say that I believe in Master and the Fa one hundred percent, but did I do that today? Although I begged Master to stop the rain, and I knew that it would stop, why could I still not sit still? Did this mean that in my heart, there was some hidden disbelief in Master and the Fa? Since I knew that Master would stop the rain, why could I not calm down? Not be moved? And wait for the practitioner quietly and patiently?

From this incident, I saw that I did not completely believe in Master and the Fa in my heart. Believing in Master and the Fa must be unconditional, one hundred percent; we cannot fall short, even a little. Cultivation practice is serious, even if we come up just a little bit short, it will not work. Believing in Master and the Fa is also respecting Master and the Fa. I have written about this incident in order to expose this attachment of not totally believing in Master and the Fa, and to completely remove it, and to keep up with Master’s Fa-rectification process. I also hope that practitioners who are in the same situation, be warned and take heed. We must one hundred percent believe in Master and the Fa. We will be more diligent together to help Master rectify the Fa.

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