Understanding of “What Does it Mean to Help Master Rectify the Fa?”

Wu Xin

PureInsight | September 11, 2011

[PureInsight.org] Master told us in the past to “help Master rectify the Fa.” Some practitioners thus feel the success of Fa-rectification requires the joint efforts of Dafa disciples. Thinking of our contribution to the re-creation of the cosmos, some practitioners consider they are outstanding and boldly say that they had done such and such to help Master. In fact, I think that when Master told us to “help Master rectify the Fa,” he compassionately honored us with an opportunity because he cherishes and cares for us. From the Fa, we know that no one except Master could rectify the Fa, since the cosmos will be recreated and every being repositioned according to the Fa. The role we, Dafa disciples, have in this process is essentially to validate the Fa and save sentient beings.

During the period of Fa-rectification, Dafa disciples are helping save sentient beings, which is within the scope of Fa-rectification. When a Dafa disciple is able to keep up with the momentum of Fa-rectification and do the three things well, he or she is helping Master rectify the Fa to some extent. From the perspective of cultivation, doing the three things is part of our cultivation path arranged by Master.

This is a path—and the only path—to establish the realm of selfless, high-level enlightened beings in the future cosmos. By helping Master rectify the Fa we are building mighty virtue towards a noble and dignified future. Nevertheless, as practitioners who are still walking on the cultivation path, any zealotry could lead to uncertainty or failure in upcoming tests. Therefore, we have to finish the remaining steps conscientiously and solidly.

Master said that we have helped pave the cultural foundation in the past over a lengthy history. This, however, should not lead to big-headedness as our contribution is only a small piece towards a massive joint effort. The real glory comes from Master’s enormous sacrifice and sorrow throughout history. Not only did Master suffer for the karma committed by us in our long journey, he also saved every bit of our merit in the past so that we could take on this sacred task. Without Master we could not exist today as human beings. Thinking of Master's compassion we should do well at this great historic moment, instead of being pretentious.

As Dafa disciples we should not have zealotry, because we have been involved in certain truth-clarification projects, or helped everyday people know the truth. In fact, that is our responsibility, something we agreed to in the past. Without commitment to assisting Master to save sentient beings, we would not have the privilege today of being practitioners, let alone Dafa disciples. During the period of Master's Fa-rectification, we need to follow Master and fulfill our responsibility well. We have to do things according to Master's arrangements, instead of doing things of our own will. We are Dafa disciples who are fulfilling prehistoric vows and our relationship with Master is not as business partners who can discuss things or have the freedom of choosing various options. We have to be clearheaded and rational on this.

In addition, we cannot have special feelings thinking we are helping Master by sending forth righteous thoughts every day to eliminate the evil. As we know, Master spent nine months after July 20 and eliminated all evil that had been pushed to the Three Realms from the entire cosmos. Then why didn’t Master take one more month to clean up all of them? My understanding is that they were left for Dafa disciples to use to eliminate our human notions, strengthen righteous thoughts, and establish mighty virtue in the cultivation journey.

Of course, we do not acknowledge the old forces arrangements and fully oppose all forms of persecution. This is a requirement of Fa-rectification and the need for the future cosmos. Only in this way can we validate the Fa and save sentient beings on a large scale. The participation of the old forces has caused severe interference for Masters’ Fa-rectification and the destructive persecution of sentient beings. On the other hand, if we follow the path arranged by Master, we can eliminate interference and overcome the tribulation. What the old forces arranged can be used for practitioners to improve and establish mighty virtue. We cannot acknowledge the old forces arrangement since it is selfish in nature and composed of degenerate elements in the cosmos. Otherwise, we may deviate from the path arranged by Master and fail to do well the things we are supposed to do.

Master gave us capabilities to validate the Fa and save sentient beings. Our righteous thoughts are vital, because any loopholes in our xinxing would impede our efforts and even cause us to lose this unprecedented opportunity to improve. Everything, our skills and wisdom, came from the Fa. If we forget this, we may embark on the wrong path and fail to fulfill our mission.

As individuals, when we cannot do things well, we are actually weakening the overall effect of our efforts. Cultivation is a serious endeavor in the cosmos and the Fa-rectification-cultivation period goes beyond that. Since it relates to the purity and sustainability of the future cosmos, Dafa disciples have to cultivate solidly and stay in the Fa at all times. Only then can we be qualified for the title of Dafa disciples.

We are all created by the Fa so no being is qualified to comment on the Fa. On the surface, we are doing things for Dafa, while in reality it is for ourselves. Therefore, we cannot understand Dafa, cultivation, or the persecution with human notions. Master has told us about this many times and he is still waiting for us to improve on this.

It might be all right for Dafa disciples to say that we “help Master rectify the Fa,” but when saying this, we have to examine ourselves to see how well we have done and whether we are qualified to say so.

Above are my personal opinions. Please point out anything inappropriate.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/7/26/76220.html


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