Cultivation Experience: About Money and Saving People

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | October 3, 2011

[] When working with practitioners involved in news media, I found financial difficulty and personnel scarcity are big challenges. And yet, practitioners often have confusion over them.

Poor financial status has limited the growth of our news media for a long time. When calming down and thinking this over, I found it was actually caused by misunderstandings of our own.

We all know that everything in human society, regardless of whether it was in the past or now, came for the Fa. Then the existence of various levels in society, their financial status, and lifestyles could also be related to the Fa. When practitioners cultivate under various social circumstances and walk our paths well, we are actually saving people in those environments as well as the sentient beings who were involved in arranging the social stratum.

Even money itself, exists for the Fa. Thus, it can be used for the Fa.

Throughout history, all cultivators have needed to let go of fame, material interest, and sentimentality. On the other hand, many of them have only focused on the surface, and often relate cultivation to poverty.

In contrast, we are cultivating in the everyday society and many projects need money, sometimes a large sum of money. Plus, in this materialized society, people tend to admire or respect wealthy people more than poor people. Whether this opinion is right or not is outside this article's scope, but nonetheless this is the reality. Therefore, our media operations need to reach a high standard, instead of staying at the current small scale, which has achieved a limited impact.

One possible cause of the current situation is that many practitioners think the Fa-rectification is completing soon, and are thus unwilling to put more effort into improving our media operations. However, since everything in society came for the Fa, we should open our minds and plan how to save more people, that is, how to penetrate into mainstream society.

As practitioners, we all know Dafa is sacred. When clarifying the truth to people, we are also trying to eliminate their negative thoughts towards Dafa so that they can have a good future. Then, shouldn't we really examine if we could do better ourselves and be more effective in saving people?

We know that being rich or poor is related to one's foundation in the past including deeds done in previous reincarnations. In fact, practitioners have much better foundations than everyday people. Plus, the real reason that money and other materials exist is for the Fa. Then, shouldn't we have a clear understanding on this?

One day I had a dream, in which a middle-aged lady said to a practitioner, “He [me] is a person with a good foundation. Please treat him well.” Two days later, I was hired by my company and given a critical responsibility in a key department. An everyday person at this position can easily receive extra income of more than 5,000 yuan a month. The company officials tried many people in the past but none of them could fulfill the responsibility satisfactorily. In the end, they had no choice but to hire a Dafa practitioner.

My understanding is that good meets good, and evil meets evil. Since we are doing the most righteous thing in the cosmos, why should we limit ourselves with the mentality of us being like ancient cultivators in the past who lived in poverty?

Everything we do should be the best. This way, everyday people will see our positive attitude and high caliber. They will also see the blessings we receive after practicing Dafa. By doing this, our media will earn more respect from everyday people, thus playing a more effective role in penetrating into mainstream society and saving sentient beings.

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