A Cultivation Story: Planting Virtue

Hao Tian

PureInsight | March 14, 2012

[PureInsight.org] There once was a rich family. A son was born when the owner of the house was in his older years. Because of the owner’s character being honest and his being educated, he named his newborn son Pure, which meant full of Truth. The name represented the family ancestors’ characters based on their pure background. The baby boy looked handsome, born with a trace of Reiki. The whole family was very happy. By this time, there was a Taoist in the distant mountain who was watching the world. Suddenly he saw this family’s house shrouded in clouds of good fortune and purple light. He was very surprised, so he quickly went to investigate.

The owner of the house saw the visitor coming from far away, and he naturally treated him with warm hospitality. At that time, a servant was holding the little boy and playing with him. When the little boy saw the Taoist, he opened his little mouth and kept laughing. This provoked the laughter of the owner and the servants, making for a pleasant atmosphere. The Taoist took a glance at the little boy and knew he would be his future disciple. There was only one thing he needed to tell the owner: “A little boy born with an unruly natures has a short life span. He can only live to 17 years old. If he studies the Tao from me, his fate can be changed.” When the owner and the servants who were in a happy atmosphere heard about the little boy’s short life span, they all froze and were no longer laughing. Suddenly, the owner was angry and snapped: “How can people take advantage of this celebration to verbally abuse and curse other people?” He ordered the Taoist to leave. Before the Taoist left, he repeatedly told the owner that as their last resort, to be sure to send their son to study the Tao.

As the Taoist had said, the little boy had a very unruly temperament. He did not like reading the classics or listening to words about compassion and virtue. He didn’t pay attention to them at all. He was only interested in everything that all the rich children liked. One day, when Pure reached the age of 15, the owner suddenly thought of the Taoist’s words. His heart was full of suspicion, and then he found fortune-tellers for his son. Several fortune-tellers said that his son would only survive until he was 17 years old. This time the owner was anxious. If this happened, he would be heartbroken. Therefore, he decided to bring Pure to the mountains where the Taoist stayed. He begged the Taoist to forgive his sin of disrespect many years ago.

The Taoist started to tell Pure the principles of the Tao. After a few days, he found that Pure was not listening to the Saints’ sentences about the Tao and virtue. The Taoist thought painstakingly and had an idea. One day, the Taoist brought Pure, along with an iron plow, to the barren land in the mountains, for plowing and planting. The Taoist plowed many furrows and then spread his hands. After that, he filled the pits. He did the same things a few times. Pure saw that the Taoist’s hands were empty, with no seeds. He was curious and asked: “Master, what are you doing?” The Taoist answered seriously: “I’m planting virtue!” When Pure heard that, he was laughing and did not know what to do. He said: “Master, there needs to be seeds for planting in this world. Does virtue have seeds? Master, you are really funny at your age.” The Taoist still said in a serious manner, “Virtue has seeds of course. The seed of virtue is compassion. You see every compassionate thought that hits on the hands is a different color of light. You see, for example, I think that I am hoping that Pure cultivates well…” The Taoist gave out the energy. Pure saw that the Taoist had given out one thought, which was a cloud of golden light. It was falling down on his hands, and it was pleasant to see them in a shiny golden color. The light rotated once in the palm of his hand. The Taoist put the light into the soil, and then filled in the furrow.

The Taoist sent out a supernormal power with his hands and let Pure see it. Every compassionate thought that was sent out had a different color, such as red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and violet. The variety of colors was beautiful. Pure’s heart was gradually set into the right track. In the process of planting virtue, Pure had gradually forgot his misbehaving ways. He knew that there were more wonderful things for human beings if they had good hearts and compassionate thoughts. Since then, Pure stayed with the Taoist to plant virtue on this barren land diligently.

One day, Pure thought that after planting plants, they had to have water for the plants to grow in this world. What could be used for watering planted virtue? Moreover, it had not rained for years, and the land was barren. After finishing with his work, Pure ran to ask the Taoist. The Taoist said, “Of course, the planted virtue needs to be watered by a heavenly principle. You see…” He waved his hand. The land Pure just planted was changing under the effect of the heavenly principle. It was a continuous improvement. Everything seemed so delicate and mysterious. The land began to become fertile, thriving, and an exotic vanilla fungus soon bloomed. Then the land changed to spectacular rich gold. The barren land showed a very clear layer of sky, which had a variety of life. The life forms were very quiet and thoroughly bright. They seemed to smile and bow to Pure.

Since then, Pure’s stubborn head was opened. His estimated 17 years of life became completely changed because of planting virtue and cultivating the Tao. This was the result of the wonders of planting virtue:

Benevolent virtue creates life in the world
A Colorful and Clear Universe
People who plant virtue have health and wealth
Cultivating Tao and planting virtue manages the universe

Note: When I read the poem "Why More Disasters" in Hong Yin (III) yesterday, Master said, "sentient beings do not have morals, disasters grow." According to this Fa, my mind was opened and I thought of this story.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/11/9/78514.html


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