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A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | July 29, 2012

[PureInsight.org] I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Along the way, I have stumbled and yet continued to keep going forward thanks to Great Master’s ever present mercy and protection. My soul has been sublimated by the power of Dafa. I’d like to share with everyone my cultivation experiences.

Starting and Maintaining Dafa Practice Sites
Right after I started practicing Falun Dafa, some local Dafa coordinators came and asked me to help them start up group practice sites. I immediately agreed. Together with the local coordinators, I would go to many places in my hometown, helping to organize group practice sites. I can’t recall how many practice sites we had established then. I kept visiting those sites on a regular base, no matter how terrible the weather might have turned out to be.

We also conducted numerous Dafa learning sessions with the public. I’d like to share one interesting story with everyone. We had a limited number of video-players at that time. As we introduced Dafa to more and more people in many different places, we needed more video players to play Master Li’s Nine Day Lecture videos. I figured it was better I bought one myself, however, I didn’t have enough money. One day, all of a sudden, one of the pigs that my family raised started to cough badly. The pig stopped eating for a couple of days. I then decided to sell the pig to the market. The butcher that bought my pig told me to wait for 10 days before going to him for the check. Ten days later, I went to pick up my check. The butcher said to me: “You are really lucky. The price of pork has just increased 80 to 90 cents per pound over the past few days. Now, I will have to give you around 200 yuan more for your pig.” I understood right away. Master Li was taking care of me; this extra money came just in time for the video player.

As more and more people started to learn Dafa, more group practice sites were established. Just in my home village alone, there were 6 practice sites; the number of practitioners reached more than 140. However, in July 1999, the Chinese communist regime started to persecute Dafa practitioners. Many policemen came to the villages, forcing Dafa practitioners to give up Dafa. I didn’t submit a single Dafa book to the authorities. When asked to sign their things, I would write that we only intended to be even better citizens.

After the dismissal of the group practice sites, I began to practice Dafa at home. I would read my Dafa books at night, and practice the exercises in the morning. One night I felt like doing the exercises, so I did the exercises that night. Early the next morning, I heard some noises outside my house. I got up and asked my neighbor what was going on. The neighbor said that some public security agents had just sneaked around my house, most probably trying to detect whether I was doing the exercises. It was obvious that Master Li arranged for me to do the exercises at night and not in the morning so that I wouldn’t get caught.

A few days later, several coordinators from my local county planned to go to Beijing to clarify the truth about Dafa. Just before we set out, we received a call telling us not to go out of town; all the transit stations had a heavy police presence. Anyone going out of town would be strictly interrogated about his/her travel plans. So we decided to stay home.

Some practitioners then started to post truth clarification banners and posters around. I joined these practitioners at once and posted many banners. The next day, some policemen came to my house to search for Dafa materials, and they found a few Dafa books. I was brought to the local public detention center. At first, the guards at the center watched over me very diligently, they wanted to make sure I didn’t run away. I began to tell them what Falun Dafa was and that I wouldn’t run away so as to not make trouble for them. The guards gradually understood me; they started to leave the main entry gate unlocked. I could go outside freely. The police chief was confused. He asked the guards: “What’s going on? Why isn’t that guy running away even though the door is not locked?” I said to myself, I didn’t commit any crime; I will leave the center without any guilt. Twelve days later, I was released. In the coming years, I was detained two more times. The first one happened as a result of cheating from the police department. I was asked to see a certain police official for a talk. After I went there and met the official, they simply kept me in the center for more than 10 days. Later, I realized that the local police officers were afraid that I might make trouble for them when what they called a ‘sensitive date’ was approaching, and that was why they locked me up. The second detention happened because I attended a Dafa conference held in secret. A practitioner who also attended the same conference was caught and gave my name to the police. I was arrested and the police chief threatened me indicating that I had to sign a paper saying that I would never again practice Dafa. If I didn’t agree to sign they would send me to a labor camp. My human notions started to creep in. I said to myself that I can just fool the police by signing the statement, but I will still keep practicing Dafa at home. Afterwards, I felt very sorry for myself over signing their garbage, and I deeply regretted what I had done. Fellow practitioners also helped me to realize the seriousness of the mistake that I had made. I then made a public declaration that I had withdrawn my signature on their statement.

My wife is also a Dafa practitioner. She has also been detained three times. No matter how severe the persecution, both my wife and I have kept our faith and determination to up-hold Dafa. Throughout the past decade, we have always been following Master Li’s Teachings. We have tried our best to live amongst the ordinary people’s world while at the same time, doing the three things and trying to save as many sentient beings as possible.

Blossoming of Udumbara Flowers
In order to clarify the truth to the public, I made a plastic and metal stencil with the words, “Falun Dafa is good, Truth-Benevolence-Forbearance is good.” I would then place the stencil on the surface of a wall and paint over the stencil. Upon taking the stencil off the wall, the Chinese characters, “Falun Dafa is good, Truth-Benevolence-Forbearance is good” would be painted on the wall. Later, we started to get a lot of truth clarification brochures, I decided to collect them and distribute them at night. I kept distributing fliers year after year. I remember on one particular winter night, it was terribly cold outside; the wind was blowing very hard, making a whistling sound. I asked myself: “Should I go out tonight?” It quickly occurred to me that many sentient beings were waiting for the truth; I couldn’t slack off. I decided to go. I took a nap first and got up around midnight. I put on my cotton heavy coat, and then put on my cloak and left home. When I had walked to the outskirts of my village, I noticed that the wind had stopped blowing and a serene bright moon was shining above. I didn’t feel any cold; it was almost like spring time. I touched the ground and found that it had already been frozen as hard as rock. I understood at once that Master Li was taking care of me. I walked quickly to the nearby villages and put the fliers on the doorsteps of every village house. I was sweating and felt like I was in an oven and said to myself: “Why have I put this cloak on top of my coat?” After I completed passing out the fliers, I went back home with a very happy heart.

After some time, I figured it would be much better if I could encourage other Dafa practitioners to start doing truth clarification work. I talked to my wife about my thoughts and my wife agreed. We began to visit other practitioners and asked them to come out to spread the truth. At first, around 5 or 6 practitioners joined in, gradually one by one, almost every practitioner started to show up. We decided to continue group study and practice as we used to prior to the persecution. After study/practice, we would then go out and try our best to clarify the truth to the public. Whenever a practitioner encountered tribulations, we would encourage the practitioner to share and help the practitioner overcome his/her tribulations. We have thus united and become one body of Dafa practitioners.

In 2010, I bought a computer. With help from a fellow practitioner, I learnt how to connect to the Internet and download documents and other materials from the web. I thus started a family truth clarification material center. I would often print out related documents from the web and then send these documents to the local coordinators. Since some family members of certain local coordinators were too heavily influenced by the slanderous propaganda against Dafa conducted by the government, I decided to deliver the documents to them at midnight so that their family members wouldn’t see me or the documents. Later, I also helped two practitioners start two family material production centers. One night, I found some blossoming Udumbara flowers on a pear tree in my backyard. At first, there were around 13 blossoms; each was as white as snow, as thin as hair. Pretty soon, such flowers could be spotted on almost every tree. They could be on the trunk, on a leaf or on a pear. The number of blossoms varied in different places. A few days later, I could spot them even inside my house! It’s said that such flowers will only blossom once every 3000 years. How lucky I must have been to see such rare flowers! I understand Master Li is encouraging me to achieve even more in saving people.

Mistakes and Lessons
With the help of fellow practitioners, I learnt how to fix printers. I also learnt how to install programs on computers. Right now, I have just learnt how to mount TV antennas for practitioners to receive NTDTV programs via satellite. I had to work during daytime, so I learnt all these skills at night. Each week, I would spend two days at the practice site, and two days doing printing and computer program installation. Whenever there were computer or printer issues at the various material centers, I would go there and help fix the problems. As a result, I could only spend one or two nights studying the Fa. For a period of time, I spent very few hours studying the Fa and doing the exercises. The old forces started to control me. All of a sudden, people sent me 4 or 5 broken printers to fix all at once. No sooner had I fixed one printer, I had to fix yet another one. I felt very tired and my cultivation slacked off. I started to regret that I had learnt how to fix printers; it was almost like I had looked for trouble myself. Things didn’t go well at my workplace either. I became jealous of others. I felt unease when I learnt some other people had worked better than me. Even at home, I was having difficulties with my wife. My wife complained that I watched too much TV and that I didn’t raise my hand when Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts. I was agitated. I said to myself: “This is not right. What’s wrong with me?” One day, when I was at work, I noticed that my left fingers involuntarily moved together, my left leg felt heavy and the blood vessels on the back of my head began to beat violently. These symptoms all pointed to Cerebral Thrombosis. It suddenly occurred to me, “I am a Dafa practitioner, I am not sick. It’s the evil forces that are trying to take control of me because I have slacked off in my cultivation.” I tried to ignore the symptoms and continued with my work. The next day I had no energy. I felt sleepy and ended up staying in bed for two days. Even though I felt pain in my body, I didn’t regard myself as being sick. I tried to send forth righteous thoughts, but it didn’t seem to work. I started to look inwards and found many of my attachments. I was lazy, I was confrontational, and I didn’t listen to other people. I was very self-centered, and I had an attachment to lust as well. The biggest issue was that I didn’t study the Fa or do the exercises as often as I should have. I decided to catch up by spending more time on Fa study and doing the exercises. In one week or so, I had fully recovered. I continued to work during the daytime, and at night, I would always make time for Fa study and exercises. During the day while at work I made sure I would listen to Master Li’s lectures, and then listen to fellow practitioners’ cultivation stories. I am sorry I have not lived up to the great expectations of Master, I am determined to work much harder to do much better, to cultivate much more diligently, and to get rid of all my remaining attachments. I want to follow Master back to my original home!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/110774


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