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A practitioner in China

PureInsight | July 7, 2012

[] I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. My neighbor said her coworker practiced it, and many of her illnesses had disappeared. I thought practicing Falun Dafa might improve my health as well, as I had suffered from diarrhea for a number of years. I decided to give it a try, so she took me to a practice site one morning. After finishing doing the five sets of exercises, I felt warm and energetic. That is how I began to cultivate Falun Dafa.

In the past 16 years, I have witnessed the extraordinariness and wonderfulness of Falun Dafa. I would like to share some of my experiences, on the occasion of World Falun Dafa Day. I hope this can help more people get to know Falun Dafa and benefit from it.

1. Physical improvement
I used to have many illnesses prior to practice and had to take lots of medicine. My chronic diseases included headaches, stomachaches, joint pain, and lower back pain. Among them, the most inconvenient one was diarrhea, which had bothered me for three years. I tried Chinese medicine and Western medicine, but none of them worked. On the other hand, seven days into practicing Falun Dafa, I no longer needed any medicine. Other illnesses I had were also cured and I felt relaxed as well as energetic. After witnessing my improvement, several friends also started to practice.

2. Improvement of mind
In Zhuan Falun, Master said, “To tell you the truth, the entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments.” After beginning to practice, I knew my life path had been changed to a better direction and I decided to cherish this opportunity. I placed one copy of Zhuan Falun at home and one copy at my workplace so that I could study the Fa whenever I could. I also disciplined myself with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance regardless of whether I was at my workplace, home, or in other circumstances.

Cleaning the hallway
My family moved to a new apartment in 2000. The building manager told the residents to clean the shared stairs, but nobody did anything. Thinking of myself as a practitioner, I took some
time on Sundays and cleaned the 4th floor to the 7th floor. After seeing me doing that, someone on the 3rd floor cleaned the rest. There were eight units in the building and our unit was the cleanest one. The building manager was moved and thanked me in front of everyone during a resident meeting. She also mentioned that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner. I kept doing that for 10 years until we moved from there.

Letting go of the temptation of material interest
I am a cashier at my workplace and occasionally people come to me to reimburse illegitimate expenses. My supervisor also told me not to take it too seriously and implied I could take advantage of it as well. I thought about this and said to him “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and I will not accept things that do not belong to me; otherwise I am committing a crime.” I then explained to him why a practitioner does things that way. He was moved and said he would practice Falun Dafa as well after retirement. Since then, nobody came to me for any illegitimate reimbursements. When retiring in 2003, I noticed additional money in my account that came from transaction interest. I passed the money to the next cashier without taking a penny. Many people were shocked upon hearing this and they said only a Falun Dafa practitioner could do that.

One day when my son was in college, as I was walking home, I was worried about his tuition. Then I found a wallet on the ground with about 700 yuan in it. I did not take it although I needed the money, and instead returned it to the owner. The owner was touched and offered 100 yuan to thank me. I did not take it either. Two days later, my sister sent me some money and my son’s tuition was resolved.

One day when I was waiting outside a convenience store, some money blew by, a total of 80 yuan. I looked around and could not find anyone. I decided to give it to the security officer at my workplace but he thought I was joking. So I instead used the money to pay phone bills for a practitioner who could not afford it.

3. Doing the three things well
Not long after I began to practice, we set up a practice site at my home and met every Sunday. We shared experiences with each other so that everyone could improve together. When someone had sickness karma, we studied the Fa together and did the exercises together. This way practitioners always overcame their tribulations quickly. Despite the severe persecution, none of the practitioners at our practice site stopped practicing.

Preparing truth-clarification materials
Every week after Fa-study we prepare materials that tell people the facts about Falun Dafa. We make truth-clarification letters and banners carrying the words “Falun Dafa is good” or “The world needs Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.” We distribute the letters and put up the banners. Practitioners from other practice sites also followed us. We also write truth-clarification words on walls and electrical poles. They work very well. When it was close to the Olympic Games, CCP officials covered our words with paint. We did not give up and wrote them again. This time, the words had more content and they also included “Bring Jiang Zemin to justice,” “Quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations for a safe future.” One time when writing with another practitioner on electrical poles, “Falun Dafa is good,” we heard some voices. After looking up, we found more than 10 workers working at a construction site about 200 meters away on a hill. They waved hands to us and called aloud, “Falun Dafa is good!” The voice was loud and clear. Both of us were in tears and we knew Master was encouraging us.

Distributing materials to save people
We distribute lots of materials including booklets, flyers, CDs, etc. We usually organize materials in advance, distribute them, and write truth-clarification words afterwards. It requires money to buy consumables to prepare truth-clarification materials. To save money, many practitioners have lead a thrifty life so that we can save more people. Later the situation has improved and the materials production site is supported by practitioners who are financially stable, thus not requiring us to donate. This is a very good collaboration between practitioners and from that we saw the greatness of Dafa.

Miracles when distributing materials
I have been helping pass materials to other practitioners weekly in the past 10 years. Every time after receiving the materials, I divide them into small stacks, carry them out, and call various practitioners to pick them up. At that time, I used public phones and had to use different phones for various practitioners for safety reasons. One day, I found my phone card had zero balance and it was too risky to buy cards since I had materials with me. That meant I had to go home first, put down the materials, buy phone cards, and come back. That took a long time. When walking home, I suddenly noticed a public phone on the roadside with a phone card inserted. I tried it, and it worked. So it saved me a long trip.

People come to know the truth
Master told us to clarify the truth on a large scale. I travelled hundreds of miles and told my relatives the facts about Falun Dafa. Most of them believed me, but there were some who would not accept it. I followed up by calling them, and the situation improved. I went back again in 2005 and helped them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. One of them was a police officer and her name was exposed on the Internet by Dafa practitioners. After I clarified the truth to her, she understood it was wrong to persecute practitioners and wrote a statement to apologize. Her name was then removed from the evildoers list on the Internet. Things also went well when I clarified the truth to my coworkers and friends. They saw the positive changes in me after I practiced Falun Dafa. They believed what I said and most of them agreed to quit the CCP or its affiliated organizations. In the apartment complex where I live, two families gave me lists of those who want to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, a total of more than 40 people. Once I went for a haircut and clarified the truth to the barber. She was so interested in listening that she even forgot to cut another customers hair. When I left, she told me her shop would move to a new place and she invited me to go there again and tell her more. Once when buying incense, I clarified the truth to the store owner. She asked me several questions and I answered them one by one. I revealed to her the truth about the so-called Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation incident, the peaceful appeal in April 1999, and why Master went abroad, etc. She was very happy to listen and accepted truth-clarification materials. She also agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

When I clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to strangers, most of them would listen. But there were also times when a few of them had difficulty accepting the truth. Once a practitioner and I went to the dining area of a supermarket. Things went well after we clarified the truth to several elderly people, then zealotry arose within us. We overheard an elderly person criticizing the CCP's policies. I followed his words and said, “That is right, the CCP has killed at least 70 million people in numerous political campaigns and it is truly a cult. More than 5 million people [the number back then] have quit it for a good future.” Surprisingly, he was agitated and pointed his finger at me: “How can you attack the CCP and be counterrevolutionary?” Many people immediately came up to us. The practitioner with me also tried to get me to leave. I thought I was doing the most righteous thing and had no reason to be afraid of him. So I asked Master for help and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements behind him. He then changed his attitude and said, “You are right. I have been through this and my father also died during it. I hate the CCP too.” The surrounding people were relieved and I knew he was saved.

We also went to farmer's markets as well as various social gatherings to clarify the truth and distribute materials. Many people in the countryside are good-hearted and like to read our materials. They said, “This is very good. The CCP is doomed to die.” We do not know how many places we have been and how many pairs of shoes we have worn out. But we knew we were doing the right thing and we had to do it well. In Essentials for Further Advancement II, Master said, “Indestructible righteous faith in the cosmos’s Truth forms benevolent Dafa disciples’ rock-solid, Diamond-Like Bodies, it frightens all evil, and the light of Truth it emanates makes the unrighteous elements in all beings’ thoughts disintegrate. However strong the righteous thoughts are, that’s how great the power is.”

4. Getting in touch with practitioners
After my husband died in 2011, I moved to Beijing to stay with my son, who is not a practitioner. I asked him to take me to Tiananmen Square, and after arriving there, I called aloud “Falun Dafa is good!” My son was scared and dragged me away. Later, I often went to Tiananmen Square with other practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts and eliminate the evil. After three months, my son changed his job and we moved to another city. I had difficulty getting in touch with practitioners there, and asked Master for help. One day, when walking on the street I found a shining platinum bracelet on the ground that cost about 10,000 yuan. My son wrote an announcement and posted it on the streets nearby. The owner came the next day and I returned the bracelet to her. She was very thankful and offered me 1,000 yuan. I declined her offer and clarified the truth to her as usual. She said her mother-in-law was a practitioner and I was very happy to hear that. This way, I was able to get in touch with local practitioners. I am very grateful for Master's help.

This is the first time I have written an experience-sharing article and there are too many things to include in it. I know I have done poorly compared to other practitioners and I still have attachments to let go of. I will do the three things better. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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