I Brought Back My Child’s Lost Soul

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | September 7, 2012

[PureInsight.org] I am going to share a true story that happened to me about 10 years ago. My daughter was a very healthy baby girl and was seldom sick up to age three or four. But one day, she began to cry for no reason and couldn’t eat much. She would just cry all day until midnight. Her condition continued like this for three days. My wife and I didn’t know what to do about it, so we took our daughter to the hospital for a check-up. Even the hospital did not know what to do. Then, a female elder took a glance at our baby girl and said, “The child is in shock…lost her soul. By all means you can try to burn a postage stamp for her.” I quickly went to get a stamp, but the female elder insisted it had to be a used stamp. I didn’t have one and I couldn’t find one at the time. “What should I do?” I kept asking myself what to do.

I told myself not to panic, and then I thought, “Stamp? Why a stamp? Why did it have to be a used postage stamp?” Suddenly I realized it was because a stamp is for delivery and my child had lost her soul due to shock. Therefore, a stamp might be able to deliver back my child’s soul. Since a human had used the stamp, it was entitled to the power and ability of delivery. Wow, it is really that all God’s creatures have their own function in nature. But on second thought, I had been practicing Dafa for many years. Am I not more capable than a postage stamp? Right away I sat in the meditation position and focused my attention on using my Gong to get back my baby girl’s lost soul. I closed my eyes just the same as when we send righteous thoughts.

That night, after I finished Fa study and was almost asleep, I heard a child’s voice yelling at me, “Daddy! Daddy! Help me up!” I knew that it was my child’s lost soul just returned, but I couldn’t see her as my third eye was not opened. At the time, my wife and baby girl were asleep in another room. So I used intent to talk to my child’s lost soul. “Go to the room where you are sleeping with your mother.” She replied, “I call out loud for mom, but she can’t seem to hear me! I can’t climb up to the bed by myself. I need help.” Then I used my intent again. This time I focused even harder and for quite a while to pull her lost soul up onto the bed. After that, I called my wife to bring the child to my room and I told her what had just happened. At first, my wife was a bit skeptical about carrying the child from the other room to my bed, but straight away my daughter stopped crying and fell right to sleep.

The next morning, she had woken before me. By the time I awakened, she was already playing on the floor as usual as though nothing had happened to her.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/111103

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