Fa Conference Held in San Francisco—Focus on How to Advance Together in Study and Cultivation

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PureInsight | October 10, 2012

[PureInsight.org] On September 15, 2012, the U.S. West Falun Dafa Experience Sharing conference was held successfully in the Masonic Center in San Francisco. More than one thousand Falun Gong practitioners from the American west coast attended.

Over twenty Chinese and Western practitioners shared cultivation experiences on studying Fa well, putting down attachments, improving character, clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. Many practitioners talked about how to look inward, believe Master and the Fa, as well as improve cooperation when they were doing media work, promoting Shen Yun, and clarifying the truth to Chinese people in Chinatown. Moreover, they shared the experience on how to save sentient beings on a larger scale in the current situation of Fa rectification.

Put Saving Sentient Beings as the Top Priority
Mr. Guo, who came from Mainland China and has been in America for four years, shared his experiences in clarifying the truth. Despite the change in his environment, he always gave first priority to saving people. While job-hunting, he also clarified the truth constantly, never missed an opportunity, kept an upright mentality before the interview, and could let go of human feelings. It made the vast majority of interviewers have a correct understanding towards Falun Gong. He realized it would open up a good environment for validating the Fa later if he clarified the truth well during the interview.

Saving Sentient Beings When Working for The Epoch Times
Ms. Zou, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in China, clarified the truth to pharmaceutical industry peers by soliciting advertizing. She realized, when working for The Epoch Times, an important mission is to clarify the truth. Some doctors chose to advertise in other newspapers instead of The Epoch Times, just because many of them did not know the truth. If they knew that The Epoch Times was upholding justice and righteousness, could save lives, and would be the largest newspaper in the world in the future, she believed that they would choose The Epoch Times sooner or later.

By means of constant truth clarification by Ms. Zou and other practitioners, many customers who had been advertising in other newspapers for more than ten years started to advertise in The Epoch Times. In just three months of working in Ren Yi Zhuan Kan (Compassionate Doctors Special Journal) of The Epoch Times, Ms. Zou has interviewed and reported on 25 experts from the medical profession, and ninety percent of them have since advertised in The Epoch Times.

Cultivating Self When Participating in Promoting Shen Yun
Ms. Young, who came from Santa Cruz, talked about her cultivation practice experiences when participating in promoting Shen Yun. As a project manager of a big company, she thought that the so-called capabilities in ordinary people could just come in handy in doing work for Shen Yun. However, in the face of difficulties and setbacks, she was always indignant. Later, she realized that if she could not put down all kinds of feelings and attachments, and could only use the management mindset of ordinary people in operation and thinking, she could not really help Revered Master to rectify the Fa (Law and Principles). She realized that as long as she has righteous thoughts and actions, as well as keeping a pure heart to save people, she would definitely surmount all superficial obstacles and do well what Master wants us to do.

Experiences of Students from Feitian College of Art in Improving Character
Four students from Feitian College of Art talked about their experiences of improving character when they were in the class, dancing and clarifying the truth in Chinatown. One felt it difficult and hard to persist when doing several programs at the same time. By studying the Fa, she realized that having difficulty could be a good thing, since it was an opportunity to improve character. Before, she felt she was not getting enough sleep, but after making use of her time to study the Fa persistently, now she doesn’t feel tired even when sleeping only four hours every day. Meanwhile, she put down her attachment to ego and feels very happy by learning how to help others.

Believe in Master and Fa—Coming Through a Test of Sickness Karma By Means of Righteous Thoughts
Ms. Chen is 74 years old and from Seattle. She talked about her experience persisting in doing The Three Things while coming through a test by means of righteous thoughts. Last year, blood was found in her excrement. Several months later, she had general weakness, palpitation, shortness of breath, and a pallid look. She went to hospital for examination and was diagnosed with severe hemorrhagic anemia. In addition, a large tumor about five centimeters across was found in her stomach. The hospital asked her to have an operation. She chose to study the Fa, practice the exercises and cultivate firmly. She persisted in doing The Three Things every day. She did what needed to be done like nothing had happened. She studied the Fa, practiced the exercises and sent righteous thoughts during the day. She called Mainland China about to tell people about The Three Withdrawals [from the CCP] at night. After a month, when her son took her to the hospital again for a reexamination, the doctor smiled and told him that the tumor had disappeared.

At the same time, she has further realized the importance of sending righteous thoughts. She said, “Besides eliminating personal karma, certainly the evil’s persecution was involved [in my tribulation] to some extent, and eradicating evil in other dimensions with powerful righteous thoughts must be done. I thought that sending righteous thoughts was the easiest to overlook in The Three Things. Through this ordeal, I have learned how to send righteous thoughts genuinely, and further understood the great strength of sending righteous thoughts. I realized that as long as we studied Fa well, grasped Fa principles, believed in Master and Fa and had steadfast righteous thoughts, did three things well in a down-to-earth manner, there would be no test that we could not pass.”

Working in Concerted Efforts to Promote Shen Yun—Helping Master in Fa-rectification to Save People in Haste
Mr. Hu who came from Oakland introduced their practice site. During the process of promoting Shen Yun, their practice site paid attention to mobilizing every practitioner’s abilities and giving play to the power of the one body. They realized that the top priority is to study Fa well. Secondly, everyone could share experiences on studying Fa and cultivating based on Fa to lift each other. Thirdly, phone calls could be made to remind each other. All practitioners could be encouraged to go out and participate in the actions of helping Master rectify the Law.

Persistently Clarifying the Truth in San Francisco’s Chinatown
Ms. Cheng from Fremont in the San Francisco Bay Area is over seventy years old, and often took the bus or train more than one hour in order to hand out flyers and clarify the truth in San Francisco’s Chinatown to help people there to know the truth. She constantly put demands on herself in accordance with the Fa principles, treated common people with compassion and did not mind whatever attitudes they held when she was saving sentient beings.

She realized that clarifying the facts was not only the act of handing out flyers, but definitely requires one to talk too. Because of she and other practitioners’ joint efforts, great changes have taken place in Chinatown. The expressions on most people’s faces are not as cold as before. When met with practitioners, many people would say, “Thank you. You have been working hard.” They also helped to clarify the truth to those who were still unaware of the facts.

September 15, 2012

Translated from: http://news.zhengjian.org/node/13964

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