Facial Paralysis Recovered In a Few Days

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | September 7, 2012

[PureInsight.org] Sometime during Spring of 2008, I was introduced by a fellow practitioner to a new group of Dafa practitioners. I wanted to study the Fa together with the members of this group. Just one day before I was going to join group Fa study, for some reason, my face became deformed. My mouth and my eyes all appeared slanted, and I started to stutter. I felt terrible pain. The symptoms all pointed to facial paralysis.

Even though this incident happened out of the blue, my first thought was that I am a Dafa practitioner, my life has been arranged by Master, and I won’t yield to any forms of persecution conducted against me by any evil elements.

What should I do now that my face has become deformed? I resolved to keep strong trust in Master and the Fa. Yet, I was a little bit embarrassed to meet people. I went to visit one fellow practitioner’s family. The practitioner noticed my embarrassment right away. The practitioner kept very strong righteous thoughts and said to me: “Don’t worry too much, it’s nothing!” We then started to share our thoughts. I tried to look inward and stressed that I had been doing the “three things” all along.

All of a sudden, it occurred to me that I had recently developed a very strong attachment to watching a TV program called “The Animal World.” Every night right before sleep, I would sit before the TV watching this particular program. I thought that I was just sacrificing my own sleep time for the TV show; watching the show didn’t seem to affect my practice of Dafa. The fellow practitioner immediately pointed out to me: “Look, you’ve really got a strong attachment here. You don’t focus on Dafa every minute; there exists a big incompleteness in your cultivation.” I started to realize that what had happened to my face was closely related to my recent cultivation slackness. Master was reminding me of my shortcomings through the mouth of this fellow practitioner. Master was encouraging me to strengthen my righteous thoughts and speed up my cultivation progress. After I came to understand that my facial problem was a result of my own slacking off in cultivation, the fellow practitioner and I began to send forth righteous thoughts together to try to get rid of those degenerated materials within my own field.

I got back home that night and spent much time looking inward. I felt regretful about my cultivation slackness. I also found that I had quite often adopted human notions in dealing with Dafa activities. I hadn’t fully understood the seriousness of Dafa cultivation. I firmly set a goal for myself to rectify my situation quickly. As I was thinking about cultivation and my view on Dafa activities that night, I didn’t pay much attention to my face, though I still felt pain.

The next day, I wondered whether or not I should go to the group. Would the practitioners feel worried and uneasy when they saw my deformed face? In the end, I decided to go. I had already made mistakes, and I shouldn’t continue along the same path. I needed to join this new group to refresh myself.

So, I went to take part in group Fa study with those fellow practitioners. We studied the Fa, sent forth righteous thoughts, and shared our own understandings. I had a very good first experience with the group. This particular group would meet three times each week, and the next time I went there, I felt that Master was cleansing my body. I could speak a few words clearly by then, and certain sticky fluids were flowing out of my eyes. My face gradually corrected itself. In one week, my face appeared normal again. In 9 days, my face had completely recovered to its original form. It was like nothing had happened to my face! My face was shining and everyone noticed it.

Those who witnessed the wonderful recovery of my face all marveled at the great power of Falun Dafa. Fellow practitioners all said that Master was just behind each of us, taking care of us and watching over us. This is yet another miracle that has happened as a result of strong conviction in Master and Dafa!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/110844


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