Skin Ailment Miraculously Disappears After Practicing Falun Dafa

Sheng Hua, Mainland China

PureInsight | September 11, 2012

[] I’m a new practitioner of Falun Dafa. I would like to share with you the miracles I experienced after practicing.

I was in my early 40’s and had been in poor health since childhood, before I began to practice and study Dafa. At age 17, I suffered from a life-threatening illness—an infectious disease called hemorrhagic fever. I almost lost my life to the illness, and I remained critically ill in the hospital. Doctors told my parents to transfer me to a major hospital for treatment. It meant we had to transfer to a big hospital in the city. My parents were very kind. They realized the seriousness of my illness. They knew the distance from our home to the city was 500 to 600 kilometers. The route was so long that my parents were afraid that I could not endure the bumpy ride and it might put me in more danger. They decided not to transfer me. Instead, they asked for God to help. They believed a miracle would help me recover. I believe the deities were touched by my parents’ sincerity. I miraculously survived the dangerous illness. Now, after practicing Dafa, I’ve come to understand that Gods and Buddhas do exist in the universe.

I have come across many practitioners in my life. My wife and her parents are practitioners too. My mother-in-law became healthy and all her illnesses went away after she practiced Dafa. She has never taken any medication in 10 years since. From these things, I deeply feel the miracles of Dafa. But I did not straight away start to practice for many reasons, including my attachments to recreation and entertainment. My health became poorer and poorer. My mother-in-law told me to practice Falun Dafa and explained the advantages of practice. My wife kindly said I did not need to do any housework if I agreed to practice Dafa. Upon hearing that, I was very happy and thought that it would be more enjoyable to practice the exercises than do housework.

So I began to practice the exercises. I was a bit reluctant and was unable to sit still. I was very restless to the extent that I felt as if grass was growing in my mind. I could not settle down to study Dafa, nor practice the exercises. My wife was not happy with me. I was also unhappy, saying I wanted to give up practice and preferred housework. I did all the housework such as feeding chickens, preparing food and other household chores. I was exhausted at the end of a day. I suddenly came to realize how hard my wife had been working, and she never complained. I thought to myself, “How could she manage all the housework?” I began to change and considered these things. She undertook all the housework so I could do the exercises and study Fa. Wasn’t she trying to help me, to save me? I was touched. From that night on, I started studying Fa and practicing. This time, I gave all of my attention to it. Bit by bit in my daily life, I experienced a lot of miracles. For example, I had had heart disease for many years and was diagnosed with having pericardial fluid. I was so tired that I was unable to do any heavy work. I was told that the illness was incurable and was advised to keep my body maintained by staying calm and not losing my temper at all times. I had taken a lot of bitter medicine, but that never helped. Finally, I gave up treatment.

I also had another illness called vitiligo (a skin condition in which there is a loss of brown color pigment from areas of skin, resulting in irregular white patches that feel like normal skin), which I was told was genetic and had no cure. In fact, I did not bother with treatment for that reason, since it was incurable. However, after I began practicing Dafa, I became healthier and healthier. My heart disease disappeared and I have never felt any uncomfortable symptoms since. More magically, the condition of vitiligo on my hand disappeared. I did not notice the disappearance until one day when I played cards with my friends. I had a nickname “big flower hand” in the past. One of my friends was very surprised to see the “flower” had gone and said: “Wow, why did the flowers disappear from your hand?” Not until then did I realize that the vitiligo had gone. I was so excited and told them it was cured because I practiced Falun Gong. We had heard about miracles from practicing Falun Gong, but I really experienced a miracle for myself this time.

Master taught us in Zhuan Falun: “Buddhism also holds that Buddhas are everywhere. If a Buddha waved his hand once, all of humankind’s diseases could be wiped out; this is absolutely achievable. With so many Buddhas around, why hasn’t anyone done this? It is because a person did wrong in the past that he suffers these hardships. If you have cured his illness, that is the same as violating the principle of the universe, for one can then do wrong deeds and owe someone something without having to pay for it. This is not allowed. Thus, everyone preserves the state of ordinary human society, and no one wants to disturb it. Cultivation practice is the only way to find yourself comfortably free of illness and to accomplish the goal of being truly free! Only by having people practice a righteous way can there be true salvation of all beings.”

After reading this paragraph, I came to understand that Buddha only looks after you if you practice. Just like my hand, it became normal in a flash. I understand that if I hadn’t practiced Dafa, the vitiligo would have followed me to the end of my life. This illness is incurable. I heard that although it would not have affected my daily routine, my whole body would have become whiter and whiter, and I would have had to stay away from sunlight.

I’m lucky to have practiced Dafa. I want to thank my family members for their tireless efforts in persuading me to keep on practicing. I will continue to practice under any circumstance. I’ve experienced the miracles of Dafa. People around me have seen the changes in my body and they have begun to practice, too. I believe that they will also experience good things from Dafa, including miracles.

I sincerely thank our Master of for his great compassion and for saving me.

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