Experience from a Western Practitioner: Everything is a Sentient Being

Orally Stated by a Western practitioner

PureInsight | December 25, 2012

[PureInsight.org] Master said in Zhuan Falun that, “When your Celestial Eye reaches the level of Fa Eyesight, you will find that rocks, walls, or anything can talk to you and greet you.” I found this was indeed true.

Thirsty Batteries
One weekend when I was about to leave work to come home, the industrial batteries in my equipment called out, “Help! Help! We need water. We’re very thirsty.” I thought the workers for the next shift would do that and decided to ignore them. However, the batteries began crying sadly, saying that no one remembered to add water to them. They also said they would burn out if workers on the next shift continued to use them without adding water. Hearing these words, I decided to stay a little longer.

We have eight batteries in total, and they were specially made for industrial use. Some are as big as washing machines and cost about $3,000 each. Although I had to work a little longer, adding water to them would really benefit the company as well as the batteries.

After I added water to all the batteries, they were very excited and kept chatting with each other. Even after I returned home, they were still talking and laughing, as well as thanking me again and again. Because it was too noisy for me to sleep, I told them using my mind that it was time for me to go to bed. They turned quiet immediately.

A Story About Equipment
One day my boss called me over the phone. He asked me to listen to the noises coming from some equipment to determine the problem. Through the phone, I heard the equipment talking and described the problem as well as which part to replace and its size, but my boss didn’t believe me. Nonetheless, he asked me to come in person and figure it out. After arriving there, I solved the problem within an hour. Before that, my coworker and my boss had been working on it all morning, but couldn’t figure out the problem.

Then a manager from another branch called me. He said his equipment had a problem for two days, and eight workers from four shifts had worked on it but couldn’t fix it. He had contacted the vendor to come at a cost of $2,000 per hour. He asked if I could come over and take a look before the vendor arrived. I went there and solved the problem in 15 minutes. It was not because I had special skills for the equipment. With the supernormal ability of Fa Eyesight, I could communicate with it and learn what had happened.

Another episode with the same equipment happened last week. Several technicians wanted to operate it but it didn’t work. The manager asked me to come over and I started the same program. The manager told me they had tried the program several times already and it failed. I said it should work this time and it did. The equipment told me it only wanted to receive instructions from me and it was waiting for me to come.

Things like this happened many times after I began to practice Falun Dafa. It was Dafa that gave me wisdom. Many coworkers thus called me a “superman.” One day when overhearing that my boss was moving me to another post, they were all very sad. With an emotional tone, they said that only I could understand them and take good care of them.

Other Stories
One day, the car my wife was driving sent me a message from hundreds of miles away, telling me that some parts needed to be replaced. Another time, a practitioner’s car asked me to tell the owner that the brake system needed to be repaired. She said she had done her best to protect the owner, but couldn’t hold it any longer. When I came across buses or vans that carried Shen Yun performing artists, those vehicles often greeted me and told me their stories.

Not all the animals, plants, or matter communicated with me. For example, at the entrance of the park where we have the group exercises, only one out of the three rocks talked with me. It said it had been through eons of numerous cycles of sea water and dry land. It showed me the patterns on the surface, one layer after another. It said it would be free again after weathering and collapsing.

In Zhuan Falun, Master said, “If you reincarnate into a piece of rock, you will be unable to come out in ten thousand years. If that piece of rock is not smashed or weathered away, you will never be able to emerge. Attaining a human body is so difficult! If a person can truly obtain Dafa, this person is simply most fortunate. A human body is hard to acquire—that is what it means.”

Interestingly, even fake stones made of plastic sometimes talked with me, asking me to take them home. It is indeed true that everything is a sentient being.

One day, I was walking past the gardening center of a shopping center. The flowers were chatting with each other and one of them—a yellow ball cactus—began talking with me. She cried and begged me to buy her. She said she was the most beautiful one among them—which was true—and hardly needed any attention except for some water. She was still begging me even after I walked away. Touched by her courage and sincerity, the other flowers became quiet and didn’t say anything, hoping her dream could come true. Thinking the flower wanted to stay in a practitioner’s home, I took her home. One year has passed, and I still have the yellow flower. Her head is always dropped low, indicating her thankfulness.

My friend’s computer once died completely. When I was repairing it, the computer began to talk to me. I was thus able to fix it in a very short time.

Another time, when passing by a fish tank, I saw the scene in other dimensions: the fish was swimming in a very large area of water. The fish tank was like a diverse and gigantic world in other dimensions.

One day, one of the diamonds on my wedding ring was gone. I was very upset and hoped to find it. Two days later, when talking with a new coworker about this, I heard a voice calling me, “I’m here.” I looked around and knew it was familiar with the voices coming from all the equipment and parts in the factory. But who was it? Then, the voice continued, “I’m your diamond. Look how shiny I am!” Then I saw a shining item by the wall corner and it was the diamond between two bricks. The diamond said to me “Please put me back on the ring and don’t replace me with another one.” From this we can see that not only each ring but also each diamond on the ring is a sentient being. Not only that, the wall, and each brick on the wall, was an independent sentient being. They often chatted with each other as a group.

One day I was training a new coworker on how to use the equipment. He was wounded by the equipment parts many times with scratches and was bleeding. I talked with the equipment, which said it did not like the new coworker and only wanted me to stay to take care of it. The equipment also knew my former employer was planning to hire me back with a higher salary. By then, all the pieces of equipment were crying in sadness, saying they wanted to unite so that only I could repair them. This way, my current employer would have to give me a raise to keep me. They told me that they could help me for a raise or promotion. I thanked them and explained to them that I could not do that as a Dafa practitioner. After all, a practitioner could not harm others for personal gain. The equipment thus began to accept the new coworker and no longer gave him a hard time.

One day at midnight, a man was walking by my house and swearing. I did not think much about it. Then thousands of grasses, garden plants, and trees called out loudly with fear. I calmed down and was able to hear one tree say to me, “Please go out and check. That man didn’t leave, but climbed onto the roof of your neighbor’s house.” I went outside and the man was indeed on my neighbor’s house. He left after seeing me. I didn’t know why all of them were also scared of him—probably he was a dangerous person. When I later reported this to police for a report, all the grasses, plants, and trees were telling me details on what the man wore and looked like. However, I couldn’t tell the policeman that the information came from the plants.

About a month ago, I was assembling a machine at home and had to make a complicated part for it myself. Then, I heard my mother—who already passed away—talking to me, “My son, you don’t need to spend so much time making a new part. Don’t you remember that you had a similar part in the past and you put it in my pink cabinet drawer? It should work.” I opened the drawer and it was there. So I quickly finished the machine.

There was another thing that happened after my mother’s death. One day in the early morning, I heard her calling me. I was half-asleep and nonetheless walked to the family room. The electric socket that connected to the table lamp was sparking and it was very risky. Had my mother not let me know about this, the house could have caught fire that day.

Now when encountering something difficult or problematic, I always calm down and miracles can happen. For example, if I look for something and can’t find it, I can hear it talking once I calm down. One day, after spending a long time looking for a tool, I asked it why it hadn’t called me earlier. It said it called me, but I didn’t hear it because of my anxiety and frustration.

Everything is a sentient being. As Dafa practitioners, we need to cultivate well and not let down the expectations of these sentient beings.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/113292


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