The 2012 Future Science and Culture Forum

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | November 29, 2012

[] In order to promote the wisdom of traditional Chinese culture and accommodate the changes in the current cosmic environment, the 2012 Future Science and Culture Forum was held on September 2nd and 9th from 1:00-5:00 pm in Xinbei City, Taiwan. Hosted by Zhengjian Net, Xinsancai Cultural Association, and the Epoch Times, the forum consisted of two topics: “The Wisdom of Chinese Medicine” and “Supernormal Phenomena of the Earth.”

The physical and mental stress of contemporary people is unprecedented, which can lead to various difficult and complicated illnesses. The consumption of the Earth’s natural resources and pollution of the environment has also changed our world dramatically. As new technologies and biotechnology continue to emerge, however, these problems remain unresolved. Instead, more and more natural disasters are taking place one after another.

We know that Chinese medicine is able to cure illnesses; in addition, the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese culture is very profound—it penetrates far beyond a disease’s surface manifestation. There is an old saying: “A superior doctor cures a nation, a mid-level doctor cures a person, and a mediocre doctor cures an illness.” As well as discussing various difficult illnesses, the forum also guided the audience to further understandings on Chinese medicine.

The moral degeneration of today’s human society is not only caused by our own problems but is also related to external issues, such as the extra-terrestrial life forms that we have begun to discover in recent years. This forum specifically talked about the existence of such life forms from the perspective of cultivation practice.

When we face challenges of individual problems and environmental changes, it is critical to understand the underlying factors before we can find solutions. The 2012 Future Science and Culture Forum gave everyone in attendance unique perspectives on these issues. More information can be found at

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