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PureInsight | February 25, 2013

[] Although I graduated from school a long time ago, summer break is still special to me. This is because when summer break comes most students no longer show up in this area. I am able to close my store and have a break like other small business owners on the street.

As the new semester was approaching this year I began to clean up the store and do other preparation work. One day when walking on the street, however, I noticed one store had put out a new sign. A new service was added by the owner: it was the same type of business as mine.

Having a competitor made me a little worried. Then I remembered what I have learned in cultivation practice and my mind calmed down again. I knew that the blessings in one’s lifetime were already predestined. Were something not arranged in one’s life, it would be useless to pursue it no matter how hard one tried. There was one old Chinese saying that, “One has a fate on the issue of life and death. One has blessings from the heaven regarding being rich or poor.” As a practitioner, I know that wealth comes from virtue (de) and one needs to accumulate de in order to become rich. With such understandings, one would not fight with others for personal gains.

I have talked with several other store owners and they also seemed to understand this although they have not begun to practice cultivation. One woman and her husband have a food cart that sells noodles. We often chatted with each other. She said the amount of money she could make—based on the amount of noodle she could sell—was about the same every day. If the business went well during lunch there would be less business for dinner, and vice versa. Another woman who owned an eyeglass store also had the same experience. When hearing that this street might be closed for other purposes, she opened another store in a different location. One day, I needed a new pair of glasses and visited her. She said the two stores generated about the same profit altogether as one store alone in the past. If one store sells more merchandise, the other one sells less. From this we can see that one’s fortune is arranged. One cannot make money at will—it depends on heavenly blessings.

There were exceptions, though. When my friend was shopping at the farmer’s market she told the vendor how the Chinese Communist Party covered up the truth regarding Falun Dafa. After the vendor learned the truth, my friend took out a bundle of money with “Falun Dafa is good” printed on the bills, to exchange money with the vendor. She told the vendor that by doing such a good deed of spreading truth, his businesses would be better and better. The vendor believed Falun Dafa is righteous and began to use the money every now and then. When the vendor later met my friend one day, he was glad to tell her that his business had indeed gotten better and better.

Under the guidance of Buddha Fa, our heart will be relaxed and our life will be happy.

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