Views from a Chinese Billionaire: Master Li Hongzhi Is Here to Revitalize China’s Soul

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 24, 2013

[] On January 13, 2013, Shen Yun finished its last show at the Queen’s Opera Theatre in Vancouver, Canada. The wonderful performances left many audience members in awe. Five thousand years of Chinese history has been vividly presented to the world through Shen Yun’s amazing arts of dancing and music. Mr. Zhu, a billionaire from mainland China, had taken his whole family to watch the Vancouver show. After the show, Mr. Zhu told people that he was astonished by its utmost beauty; he was moved to tears when witnessing the revival of Chinese history displayed in the show.

Mr. Zhu said: “I was very touched by the show. Our five-thousand-year-old Chinese civilization is just too wondrous; there are so many amazing stories…they are very glorious, very outstanding. Shen Yun is reviving such a long and illustrious history for the world. It’s really marvelous, especially the performances about the Tang and Han dynasties.” Mr. Zhu continued: “The root of traditional Chinese culture is in mainland China. However, the current Chinese regime is busy carrying out a systematic crackdown on any words of dissent; the regime is actually destroying Chinese civilization. The recent Southern China Weekly newspaper incident is just an example of the regime’s strong hand of suppression on dissent.”

Mr. Zhu told reporters that he couldn’t help being moved to tears during the show. He said: “China’s five thousand years of civilization is now completely ruined in China today. People have trouble recognizing what has happened to China. Is this still the great China we have all learned from in our history books? During the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) destroyed almost all Chinese traditions; Confucian teachings advocate compassion towards people, yet they were ridiculed and thrown away all together. Moral standards and traditional views on life that had been held for ages were all demonized. The CCP taught the Chinese people to only hate and fight each other. In today’s China, there have even been incidents where children killed their parents for money. This is solely due to the CCP’s protracted campaign to destroy the traditional Chinese value system.”

Mr. Zhu realized that Shen Yun is trying to let people understand universal human principles. He said: “What Shen Yun is doing is to show the world what human beings’ original innate natures are. Why do we exist? Why have we developed thus far? The ultimate reason is that there have always been those wise figures throughout history that have taught us how to lead proper lives. We call them saints or philosophers, while in fact they have made us aware that our innate nature is filled with truth, compassion, and beauty, and that we should strive to live a life of upholding truth, compassion, and be filled with wonder. Only through following such principles can we continue the cycle of human civilization. No matter whether it’s here in Canada, or in mainland China, all people should follow such guidance.”

Mr. Zhu continued: “In my opinion, Shen Yun is telling the whole world what the ancient Chinese civilization is all about. China had created a great amount of splendor in its long history on earth—it is indeed a long and splendid history. People will be amazed by such ancient Chinese wonders presented in Shen Yun. It is also helping purify people’s minds; it is helping revive age-tested value systems that can uplift people around the world. According to Buddhism, the Buddha told his disciples more than twenty-five hundred years ago that a Tathagata would appear in the human world after he passed away. The Tathagata would be called the ‘Lord of Dharma.’ I think Mr. Li Hongzhi is the Lord of Dharma; he is the Tathagata that the Buddha mentioned. Mr. Li is guiding us right now to return to our original true selves—true, compassionate, and beautiful—the brightest side of a human being’s character. All of human society will advance to a higher and better standard; the human civilization will thus continue to develop.”

Mr. Zhu went on to say: “When I watched the last program of the show and saw the Buddha’s image on the backdrop, I immediately realized that the Buddha is Mr. Li, the Lord of Dharma. Mr. Li has come to this world to revitalize the souls of the Chinese people; he is performing this great endeavor right now. When the backdrop showed thunder and storms, the whole imperial palace in Beijing was sinking, with fires spreading everywhere. Many people may not want to believe that heaven will punish those who have committed crimes or that a nation will be condemned when its rulers and people have committed major sins. Maybe we simply just do not want to think too much about it, or simply dare not think any further.”

“I believe that the Buddha Fa is omniscient; its power is beyond any human boundaries. In my opinion, only the Buddha Fa can save humanity out of its current degeneration. Mr. Li Hongzhi is engaging in a historical campaign to fundamentally uplift China’s spiritual well-being. I don’t have any doubts about Mr. Li. If people don’t believe me, they can take a look at the Buddhist scripture called the “Diamond Scripture.” This scripture is dated to be more than twenty-five hundred years ago and says that all kind-hearted people should follow the teachings from the saints. I believe the teachings that the scripture refers to are those from Falun Dafa. Only such powerful teachings can save the soul of China and its people. It is simply impossible for China to redeem itself otherwise.”

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