Vancouver Practitioners Commemorate the 14th Anniversary of the April 25th Zhongnanhai Peaceful Appeal

A Dafa Practitioner in Vancouver

PureInsight | June 19, 2013

[] Vancouver Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) practitioners gathered in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery on April 21 to commemorate the peaceful appeal of Falun Dafa practitioners at Zhongnanhai in Beijing 14 years ago and to call for an end to the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa. Here is a report from Vancouver.

Mr. Tian, a practitioner who had recently moved to Vancouver, joined the April 25th event for the first time. He said, “It was not until after arriving in Canada that I had the feeling of what freedom was.” He had travelled to Beijing by train 14 years ago to join the Zhongnanhai appeal. Although he could not make it to the gathering in time, his friend told him that about 10,000 practitioners had gathered. He said, “People were very calm, some standing and some sitting. Nobody chatted or argued.”

At that time, the Central Government accepted three proposals made by practitioners to allow the free practice of Falun Gong in China. But three months later, the Communist regime began to arrest practitioners on a large scale and attempted to force them to give up their belief. Mr. Tian was one of those victims. He said detained practitioners were tortured in various ways, some were handcuffed onto iron chairs or hung up, while others were beaten or shocked with electric batons. They were tortured by the police in an attempt to try and make them give up practicing Falun Gong.

The persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, and has continued ever since. According to reports on, a Falun Dafa website, at least 3,691 practitioners have died from torture (the true figure is likely much higher). Many people have been shocked by the brutality of the Chinese Communist regime. Jeremy is a western Falun Gong practitioner and said, “Falun Gong has many benefits. It teaches people to improve themselves and to be considerate of others. It is absurd that the Chinese Communist regime brutally persecutes and kills these people simply because of their belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. This is the worst thing that could happen.”

That is why Falun Gong practitioners have persistently kept clarifying the truth to people over the past 14 years. With their words and actions, they hope to raise awareness of the atrocities committed against Falun Gong practitioners by the Communist regime, in an effort to bring an end to the persecution soon. Jeremy added, “I hope people can freely practice Falun Gong. People will make their own decision on which path to follow once they know the truth. Before the persecution started, Falun Gong was well accepted in China because people appreciated the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I believe such a phenomenon will happen again soon.”

Commemoration by Calgary Falun Gong practitioners
Calgary Falun Gong practitioners held a gathering in front of Calgary City Hall on April 20, 2013, to commemorate the Zhongnanhai peaceful appeal.

Mr. Yang described the background of the appeal. “Because of the miraculous benefits Falun Gong has on the mind and body, Falun Gong became very popular in China. Its main book, Zhuan Falun, was recognized as one of the top 10 best-selling books by Guangming Daily and China Youth Daily. The Chinese Communist regime began to pay attention to the popularity of Falun Gong, mainly by secret investigation, followed by various interfering and monitoring activities. However, all of the regime’s investigations showed that Falun Gong did not have any negative effects on people or society; instead people widely witnessed the benefits the practice has on the mind and body, as well as a very positive influence in raising the morality of society as a whole.”

“However, the vicious nature of the CCP could not allow the existence of Falun Gong. That was why some leaders of the regime colluded with scientist He Zuoxiu to publish articles that defamed Falun Gong. When over 40 practitioners went to the publisher in Tianjin to clarify the truth, police arrested and beat them. Other practitioners approached Tianjin officials to resolve the situation, but they were told to go to Beijing and appeal to the Central Government. This led to the peaceful appeal at Zhongnanhai in Beijing.”

Mr. Yang explained that Falun Gong practitioners have no political pursuit. The efforts of practitioners over the past 14 years basically only involve telling people what has happened in an effort to end the persecution, and that basic human rights as stated in the Chinese Constitution are not violated. The peaceful nature and persistence of Falun Gong practitioners amid such harsh mistreatment has set a good moral example for people. He also pointed out that the many natural and man-made disasters that are taking place in China in the current period of time are linked to the evilness of the CCP, and that it is very important for people to understand the truth about Falun Gong and stay away from the Communist regime to ensure a safe future.

Another speaker was Ms. Yu from Tianjin, who often helps people quit the Chinese Communist regime and its affiliated organizations. She also recalled her experience during the April 25th peaceful appeal 14 years ago. She said the CCP is doomed for destruction and that people should have known this after witnessing its various political campaigns designed to persecute Chinese people and destroy traditional Chinese culture over the past several decades.

Another speaker was Mr. Ben, who recently left China and arrived in Calgary. He attended the gathering to show his support. He has liked to read news since he was young. Upon hearing the propaganda that Falun Gong practitioners had “surrounded and attacked” the government compound at Zhongnanhai, he was suspicious. He said the Communist regime has committed many bad deeds and is not to be trusted.

Despite the cold weather and light rain, practitioners stayed until the event was over and gave a demonstration of the Falun Gong exercises.

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