The Mystery of Levitation

Xin Faming

PureInsight | June 25, 2001

The phenomenon of “levitation in broad daylight” (bairi feisheng) was recorded in many ancient Chinese books on cultivation. A person in India has the ability to float in air. Cultivators who cultivate themselves in the mountains have been seen floating in the air as well. I personally have experienced levitation first-hand twice. How could a person float in the air? The reality is that a cultivator will be able to levitate once his “great heavenly circulation” is fully open. It is as simple as that. Why does the full opening of the “great heavenly circulation” enable a person to levitate? It has to do with how the human body is structured, the energy channels, and the different human bodies in different spatial dimensions.

The human body has a corresponding body in each of many spatial dimensions. All the bodies are connected in a certain way. I personally think that the acupuncture points are the places where all these bodies are connected. Chinese acupuncture therapy has proved that using a needle to stimulate certain acupuncture points can cure illness. How does it work? There are corresponding acupuncture points in each of the many bodies of a human being. The real cause of an illness lies on the body or bodies in other spatial dimensions. The symptoms are simply reflected on our bodies in this dimension. Acupuncture is used to treat and cure the bodies in other dimensions. The symptoms of illness on the body in this dimension will then disappear. This is something that the modern science cannot explain.

In my opinion, the bodies of a human being in all spatial dimensions have energy channels. These energy channels are the gateways connecting all these bodies together. For a non-cultivator, his energy channels are blocked, and therefore his bodies in the various spatial dimensions are not connected together. Once our “great heavenly circulation” is open, our bodies in this dimension become connected with our bodies in all the other dimensions through the energy channels. Once all the energy channels are open, the movement of the “great heavenly circulation” causes the formation of a powerful energy current. The energy current is composed of high-energy particles collected from other dimensions. As the energy current moves around, the matters inside of one’s body could change positions along with it. The matter particles collected from other spatial dimensions could replace particles inside of our bodies in this dimension, which contain lower energy. Once the high-energy matter replace the lower-energy matter, the physical composition of the human body is changed from a fundamental level.

Of course, there are differences at different levels. At a low level, the energy current of “great heavenly circulation” is made of particles in a low-level spatial dimension. That person’s body in this dimension is only connected to his other lower-level bodies. The particle size of the energy current is relatively big. As one’s level increases, the energy current is made up of particles that are smaller in size and have higher density and energy. These particles are from higher spatial dimensions. Because of that, one’s body in this dimension is connected to his bodies in higher dimensions.

As the matter from the higher spatial dimensions replace the matter in this dimension, a person who has his “great heavenly circulation” open is different from an ordinary person in the sense that his body in this dimension is made up of different matter. Even though he still looks the same as before, he is fundamentally different from before. He is no longer controlled and limited by the characteristics of this dimension because he has assimilated to the characteristics in other spatial dimensions. The higher level he is at, the higher spatial dimension he has assimilated himself into. He has thus severed his links with matter in lower dimensions. Now he can move around in other dimensions, and his body in this dimension can levitate. That is how one can “levitate under broad daylight.” The explanation is actually very simple.

The above are just my personal observations and understandings. I welcome any comments or corrections.

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